laser light measurement Collie man pleads not guilty to pointing laser into worker's eyes

by:UMeasure     2019-06-29
A 24-year-old Collie, who was released on bail for multiple serious crimes, pleaded not guilty to a charge that he used a laser to shine the eyes of a McDonald's restaurant employee on Wednesday night.Arron Thomas Jackson appeared in the Bunbury Magistrate's Court on Thursday morning against an act that could endanger the lives or safety of others and an act of possession of prohibited weapons.Police say Jackson is inside the street.xa0Store 6At twenty-two o'clock P.M., when he was shining the eyes of a male employee with a green laser at the counter.
Police prosecutor John Mason told the court that the employee told Mr. Jackson that he would call the police if he did so again.Mr. Jackson allegedly replied, "What are you going to do?Have a cry?\ "Before illuminating the eyes of the employee for the second time.
A search of Jackson's shepherd's house found a small white flashlight, but did not find the green laser indicator claimed by the police.xa0xa0You can see it on CCTV in the restaurant.Sergeant Mawson told Magistrate Kelvin Fisher that Collie police considered Mr.
Jackson a "night owl that is often seen ".\"The officer-in-Allegations that Mr Jackson is an active thief, his addiction to a large amount of meth is dangerous and unpredictable, "said Sergeant Mawson.Mr. Jackson is currently on bail on a number of serious charges, including theft of a car, reckless driving, illegal trespassing, possession of a gun for fear, theft and illegal drugs.
Magistrate Fisher granted Mr.
Jackson bail, guaranteed $2000, curfew from seven o'clock P.M. to seven o'clock A.M., and was obliged to report to the police officer --in-On Monday and Friday, Collie police station.Mr. Jackson will appear at Collie's Magistrate's Court on March 11,A one-day trial of the new charges is scheduled for August 26.
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