laser level and distance measure How to Apply Tin Kitchen Tiles

by:UMeasure     2019-07-21
laser level and distance measure How to Apply Tin Kitchen Tiles
Aluminum tile is commonly known as Tin tile and is a great choice to replace stone tile.The tin tile is much easier to install, the cost is low, and there is less maintenance required.Besides that, they are not that heavy, which makes them ideal for anywhere.These tiles provide the opportunity to create custom ceiling or wall displays at home.You can even paint them like tiles.As long as you know how to use a hammer and tape measure, it is no difficulty for you to prepare and install small size tiles yourself.Pat down the ceiling until you hear a dense bang.This represents the position of the beam.Write down the position of the beam.Tap again at 16 inch on both sides of the beam to find another beam.Continue the process until you mark all the pallets.Mark the horizontal line around the entire room using a laser level.Fix several yarns between the opposite walls, and fix them on the wall with low adhesive tape.Use these lines as a guide.Measure the distance from the string to the beam.If any beam is higher than the other, nail a gasket on the ceiling at the top of the beam to make all the dimensions uniform.The plywood is nailed to the ceiling using a 16d sinker nail and the seams are perpendicular to the pallet.Leave 1/8-Inches gap on all edges of each piece of plywood.On the plywood on the ceiling, capture two chalk lines from the opposite wall to mark the center.Clean the tin plate with transgender alcohol and completely dry with cloth.Paint tiles with oilPaint or transparent polyurethane.It is necessary to prevent rust.Remove PVC protective film from pre-painted tiles.Lay the ceiling tiles on the floor to learn how to install them on the ceiling.Measure the width of the ceiling in both directions and determine how much space is left between the edge of the tile and the wall.Add 1 inch to allow overlap.Use a tin cut to cut the border panel into a width measurement.Mounting the border panel with 1 1/4-Inch Nails as close as possible to the edge of the wall and the edge of the tile.Overlap the panels in the corner of the room 1/2.Tap any high point where the tiles are connected together using a small nail hammer.Nail the full panel to the floor, redesign the layout you designed on the floor, starting from the center of the room and nailing to the plywood.Follow all the manufacturer's suggestions for the size nails to be used, and how much overlap is allowed between tiles.Seal the seam between tiles by placing a piece of wood on the tile and tapping with a hammer.Nail cornice on the ceiling and walls, centered along the seams between them.The first cornice should touch the wall on both sides.Contact the installed cornice with one end and tie a small cornice to the adjacent wall.Place the tape diagonally, the edge of the tape contacts the bottom of the scrap piece, and at 45-degree angle.Line along the center of the tape and transfer the trim profile to the tape.Remove the scrap from the wall and wire cut along this line.Test the scrap by docking it with the installed cornice.Use scrap as a template to cut a cornice for the wall.Continue to install the cornice this way until all four walls are completed.
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