laser glass cutting for art creations - precision laser level

by:UMeasure     2019-08-26
laser glass cutting for art creations  -  precision laser level
Laser cutting is a very popular precision cutting technology in industry.
This cutting technology provides a very high level of precision and nothing else can match.
A very powerful laser is aimed at the material that must be cut.
The material melts and burns or evaporates to produce a high-quality finish.
In addition to commonly used materials such as metal wood or plastic, these lasers can also be used to cut glass.
Glass is a material used for many purposes.
In addition to classic products that can be made from glass such as bottles and windows, this material is also useful in communication or information.
These latest areas require a very high level of precision, which cannot be achieved by any other method.
The classic glass cutting technology is in contact with the glass, increasing the chance of unnecessary wear or scratches.
This old glass cutting method can also cause material loss, which should be avoided absolutely.
The appearance of the laser has undoubtedly improved the glass cutting process.
Using a laser beam, you can obtain an accurate shape with a smooth edge finish.
The power of the laser beam is between 1000 and 2000 watts.
Most laser cutting machines are integrated into a machine that uses software to work.
Class 4 lasers are being used;
Therefore, users must avoid direct contact.
CO2 laser is very popular in glass cutting.
There are many benefits of laser cutting glass.
Except for the smooth edges, most micro
The cracks were completely eradicated.
The glass cut with laser is three times more durable than the glass normally cut.
Since this process does not require cutting oil, the washing process is also canceled.
The glass of any thickness can be obtained using a cutting laser.
The device can be used to produce anything from frame and decorative items to display glasses or quartz crystals.
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