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by:UMeasure     2019-07-15
Have you ever dreamed of backpacking and hunting mule deer far from the nearest highway or highway?It is said that hunting sheep is not the most exciting part of the cause where big horn sheep live.So is the true mule deer hunting.Mule deer thrive and live in some of the world's most fascinating, uninhabited areas.Visiting these spectacular animals and the places where they live is worth all the effort.Having said that, here are some suggestions to make your first mule deer hunt a real success.
First and foremost, you have to make yourself healthy!I'm not talking about just walking to your mailbox every day or playing basketball on weekends.In order to really enjoy your wild mule deer hunting, you have to stay in good shape.I do realize that it depends on your age and it may not be possible, so if so, aim at the best you have been in for the last five years.The important thing is to do what you can.Personally, my exercise plan is to jog three or four times a week.Three months before the hunt, I started walking, working to jog, and when the trip arrived, my goal was to jog for at least an hour.I found it easier than trying to give the specified distance.If you can speed up jogging in at least an hour, you should be able to climb the mountains needed for mule deer hunting.I also took my backpack (about 50 lbs) for hiking, biking, skipping and walking.All of these activities help build the muscles needed for mule deer hunting.
Second, shoot your shotgun.I suggest you shoot your rifle every week at a distance of 300 yards.You need to know that your gun will shoot in a different range.Starting from 100 yards, rest with fixed machinery.Try all kinds of ammo until you figure out what's best for your rifle and stick to it.I prefer Winchester 130 grain ballistic silver tip in 270, but you have to use a valid load for each gun in a different way of shooting.When you know where your shotgun is shooting in range, experiment with the shooting Rod, the prone position, the backpack, and other positions you may encounter during the hunt.Keep in mind that in your real hunting you won't be able to reach the bench, even if you are a good bench shooter, it won't necessarily make you a good shooter in the field of huntingYou also want to study the relationship between distance and angle.Most shots of the mule deer are either up or down, and hunters tend to shoot on the deer.Go out and practice some downhill and uphill shots.You will be surprised by the difference that an angle can bring.I also recommend finding a laser range machine to use while you practice.It is also helpful to learn how to judge mule deer in the wild.Mossback's dvd and video called Crazy mulls is a great tool to learn how to judge a big pen.When you see the Bucks on the hoof, they report the score.
Third, get the best equipment.Great products.Get the lightest and strongest materials for your backpack and clothing items.I don't want to detail each item, but a few items I recommend are: strong, stiff hiking bootsI'm using the Lowa sheepunter boots, an in-house package, I'm using the North Face package, but there are a lot of different kinds on the market, I am using Smartwool I am using light packing rain gear from Frogg Toggs.If you plan to hunt with a guide, ask for a list and make sure to follow it.Buy quality optical products!I personally like to use the Bruton ERA in 10 minutes.5x43 due to its magnification and light weight, there are many fine optical products on the market.Once again, buy the best you can afford.
Finally, buy or rent some nice mule deer hunting videos.This will make your blood flow and make you excited about shooting that big Murray.They will help motivate you to exercise and discover the deer you have always wanted at the beginning of the deer season.
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