laser comb, cloning to re-grow hair? - best outdoor laser measuring device

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laser comb, cloning to re-grow hair?  -  best outdoor laser measuring device
Male baldness affected nearly 70% of men at the age of 35, and 85% at the age of 50!
Not only do men need to worry: Many women have thin hair.
However, there are some ways to stop hair loss and even induce hair lossgrowth -
The old is constantly developing and new is constantly emerging.
Hair Repair Specialist
Alan Bowman in Palm Beach, Florida
On the special broadcast "New Year, new you" in the "Saturday morning program" edition, we discussed the latest technologies and some technologies that have existed for a while.
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CBS journalist Jeff Glor and CBS medical correspondent Dr.
Jennifer Ashton talked about some solutions to stop the hair from thinning and actually re-
Grow some of the lost follicles: What is the main reason for men and women to be bald?
Hair loss can be affected by drugs, diseases, nutrition, stress, smoking and other factors.
But the most common cause of hair loss is genetics.
What about stress?
A severe stress can cause follicles to shut down and cause shedding problems that last for months. Long-
Long-term stress can accelerate genetic hair loss.
Does it really work? Low-
Level of laser therapy (LLLT)
It can be very effective if used properly.
LLLT is certainly not a miracle for hair loss.
However, the laser comb has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration in terms of safety and effectiveness.
For the treatment of hair growth and hair loss, it is clean. Like other non-
Some patients have achieved better results than others and are in compliance (Direction)
This is of course a big problem.
However, some patients seem to have a special response to this treatment. LLLT is a non-chemical, non-
Invasive options to help people grow fuller, thicker, healthier hair.
How does it work?
Usually, you do two or three laser treatments on your scalp every week.
The length of time is different for each different device.
Is the laser dangerous?
In nearly 30 years of use, there has never been any side effects about proper use
Low-level laser therapy.
How much will these lasers set you back?
Depending on the device and treatment time, the price of a portable laser ranges from a few hundred dollars to $2,500 or more.
Often, more expensive devices have more "fancy features" and shorter treatment times.
What is the future of this technology?
New technology in LLLT will improve-home units. Also, non-
The doctor's office, even the high-end hair salon, has invasive, simple hair measuring equipment.
Will it become a reality in the near future?
I am optimistic, but I am disappointed by the slow progress of research in this area.
If you are waiting for "hair clone" it is a huge long term
Taking bets and the passage of each month, more and more hair loss is happening.
How effective is this?
Rogaine is 80% effective in clinical trials, but it is difficult to use, and it is rarely used by people themselves for more than a few weeks.
It will take six months to see significant results with Minoxidil (
Brand name is Rogaine).
Tracking and consistency are important.
Is it true that Rogaine only works on top of the head, not on the front? That's a myth!
The information on the bottle is based on the FDA-
Approved labels obtained from clinical trials.
We know, as a hair restoration doctor-
If there is a follicle there, it will affect it.
It can work in the front, but the effect is not very obvious because usually there will be more hair loss there.
Women can use it, but they have their own brand. why?
FDA added 2% lightness in solution-approved.
When they tested 5%, there was little progress for more than 2% of women, so they never got approved. In real-
In the clinical practice of life, we often prescribe 5% prescriptions for women, sometimes even stronger.
If you do not meet the 100% standard (
Missed a few doses here or there)
, It would be better for you to have a higher percentage.
We're not sure yet.
This is in the form of general and famous brand, and the price is $20-
$90 a month.
What is this? How effective is it?
Invasive treatment is mainly done to keep your hair.
Without "target organs" like follicles, these treatments will be minimal.
It takes a long time. Long-term commitment.
If you stop the treatment, you lose the beneficial effect.
It is well known that this drug has some sexual side effects.
How common are they?
Rare and reversible
Clinical trials say less than 2%.
Of the 1,000 patients in actual work, many doctors reported less than 3 had this experience.
Sometimes, changing the time of the dose helps to reduce side effects.
Is it true that women cannot take this medicine?
Is it FDA?
Approved for women.
Propecia is disabled in women of childbearing age because it may prevent the formation of DHT in developing male fetus, resulting in birth defects.
This has never happened;
This is theoretical.
Small clinical study after
Menopause women are clear, but in clinical practice, after some
Menopause women should stop the law.
Soon, there will be a genetic test to determine whether it is possible for women to respond to Propecia. It takes six-to-
It takes 12 months or more to see the results of Propecia.
What happens if you stop taking it
Will all the hair fall out?
If you stop using Propecia, any progress you make within a year will be reversed within 12 months.
How much is guaranteed?
$250 for 90 days.
These hair transplants have been around for a while.
Do they look natural?
These are not the "hair plugs" your father hurts "!
How intense is this program?
New, less traumatic surgery, such as FUE/New graft, can transplant a single follicle without using a surgical knife or suture, and will not leave a linear scar.
The cure is done in a few days, not in a few weeks.
Sports activities can be restored in a few days without breaking the line.
How long does it take to see the effect?
Healing/scabs for one week, six weeks before the start of hair growth, half of the results visible within 6 months, and all within 12 months.
Is there a scar?
There's no complete scar-free surgery.
However, the key is whether the scar is visible to the naked eye.
Linear donor scars were left by traditional surgery, but no linear scars were left by FUE/new graft.
What happens when your natural hair keeps falling off around the transplanted hair?
This is the key!
90% of hair transplant patientstherapy, non-
Invasive treatment options to prevent hair loss progression.
Because hair loss is gradual, transplanted hair is permanent, and if you don't protect your hair, you need more transplants to fill the sparse areas compared to preventive treatment options.
How much does this program cost?
Depending on the type and size of the procedure, the cost of a hair transplant procedure ranges from $10,000 to $20,000.
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