laser-based surveillance system on dolphin’s nose - cross laser

by:UMeasure     2020-03-16
laser-based surveillance system on dolphin’s nose  -  cross laser
Measurement and imaging of He laser cross section (LACSMI)
Systems designed and developed by New Delhi-
Laser technology center based in Beijing (LASTEC)
Will be delivered to the NSTL of Visakhapatnam after holding a maritime exhibition in IFR village.
DRDO laboratory LASTEC has made a major breakthrough in laser eye technology under the engineering application of NSTL stealth technology project.
This system will be installed on the nose of the dolphin for monitoring.
The system is presented at the DRDO booth at the Maritime Exhibition, and is able to measure the laser features of strategic objectives within the field of eye safety technology and generate 3D laser images.
"The system is the first time that lasers are unique in stealth technology," Dr. LASTEC's senior scientist
Ravindra Singh told Hindus on Monday.
Widely used semi-sophisticated weapons
Active laser seekers pose a serious threat to strategic objectives.
The system for measuring and recording laser features is considered a major asset of national defense.
"We are proud of the indigenous efforts and major breakthroughs of this technology in its infancy in the world --wide,” Dr. Singh said.
LACSMI system consists of compact eye safety Laser, Laser receiver, Spindle Precision Scanning, centralized-
Data storage, 3D image viewing software, motion compensation methods, and automatic video tracking capabilities.
The system consists of spindle precision scanning base with payload and LCS and D imaging unit, eye safety laser source, laser receiver, control and processing unit and motion measurement unit.
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