invention: laser healing - laser level and measuring device

by:UMeasure     2019-11-13
invention: laser healing  -  laser level and measuring device
Barry Fox has brought good news to sports stars with torn tendons.
Research conducted by the US Department of Defense (DoD)
Laser can help heal this damage.
It can provide an alternative to glue, stitching, or pinning that can lead to disfigurement and infection.
Its inventors claim it can even be used to repair damaged eyes.
Experts from the Ministry of Defense have found that dyes commonly used to dye biological samples, sodium rose, absorb light at a wavelength of 550 nm.
In addition, the dye releases oxygen and catalyzes the cross-reaction instead of simply getting hot with the absorption of light
The connection of amino acids nearby.
Therefore, if the dye is applied to the side of the torn tendon and is illuminated when the tear is closed, collagen binds it together and gives a start to natural healing.
A lengthy patent application details many of the successful experiments carried out by the Department of Defense's medical free electronic laser program.
Read the complete patent application for laser treatment.
No two chips are exactly the same, even if they come from the same factory and production line.
But Navy researchers believe this quirk in modern manufacturing could be an advantage because it provides a clever way to verify the microchips used in many modern identity cards.
Each chip has thousands of transistors and wires that are slightly different in size and quality, meaning that no two chips are really the same.
These differences are not enough to affect how each chip works, but can be detected by sending signals through each device and measuring the resulting delay.
These variants can be used to generate unique identification codes for each chip.
The code can be held by the Authenticator (such as a bank) and then checked every time the card is used in the reader.
If someone tries to clone the card, the reader warns that the electrical signature of the chip does not match the original.
Read the complete intelligence-
Patent application card fingerprint
Westinghouse Electric, a US nuclear power company recently acquired by Toshiba in Japan, has been developing a clever new way to find nuclear contraband.
Many ports in the United States have X
Thunder ship containers to see if they contain hidden nuclear material. But X-
If hidden behind the lead shield, the ray machine may not be able to find the hidden uranium or plutonium.
Therefore, Westinghouse proposes to produce a powerful neutron beam by pushing the shenanigans into tritium.
They will then pass through the lead shield to stimulate any fission material to produce a Neutron "echo" caused by the "fast fission" effect ".
The Echo lasted only a second or so and was quickly attenuated, so there was no risk of triggering a chain reaction.
However, they can be detected by a sic semiconductor sensor that turns on and off between trigger pulses.
The sensor then gives an immediate and clear warning of the hidden nuclear cargo.
Read complete goals and equal numbers;
Patent application for nuclear sniffing device.
For more than 30 years, Barry Fox has carefully studied the world's most strange and wonderful patent applications and found the most exciting, strange and even scary new ideas.
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