instrumments 01 measuring tool: our first take - laser distance measuring tool

by:UMeasure     2019-09-28
instrumments 01 measuring tool: our first take  -  laser distance measuring tool
Kyle Wiggs/digital trends you can measure an object in a limited number of ways, but some are more labor-intensive than others.
Take the tape measure, for example: you have to grab one end tightly, stretch out the retractable end and keep trying to maintain a vertical look with the fixture you are trying to measure.
Even the most experienced contractors can get ulcers.
But technology is here to help.
Enter 01, a supercompact, pen-
Shape measurement tools for Canadian startup instruments.
It has an attractive prospect: being able to measure blunt angles and contour edges that cannot be measured by traditional rulers and calipers.
MORE: The 01 measuring tool that starts the instrument can measure the curved surface, but in our short time, use the pre-
Production 01, we are very impressed with what this small measuring tool can do.
A little background: 01, double refillable pen, high bagtech multi-
A sensor capable of recording the surface profile of an object.
The rubber wheel on the top axle can handle the measurement task, and the red laser near the tip can be used as a guide for visual alignment.
The instrument has invested a lot of energy in the design of the measuring pen.
The aluminum frame of 01 feels strong, the palm is comfortable, and the polishing extends to the package.
01 mounted in a padded foam case with a hard-
Cover the instructions with a graphic that explains the setup and pairing process.
The attention to detail is not surprising --
A design studio based on barbarism, and as an industrial designerfor Misfit Shine fitness tracker and Empatica include seized detectors.
These measurements will be sent to your phone.
01 pair with Android or iOS devices via Bluetooth and use real-
The length of time data produces reassuring, audible clicks while scrolling.
The minimalist app allows you to switch between measures (
MM, CM, M, km)and U. S. (
Inches, feet, yards and Miles)
Measurements and save them in the log for later reading.
A paid subscription of $10 a month will unlock additional features soon.
01 will get the ability to capture 3D object curves and save this data in a format that the modeling program can understand.
Easy to install.
Once the tiny cylindrical battery of 01 is removed from the foam housing and placed in the battery socket of 01, the unit is powered on immediately.
We don't have any problems when activating the Bluetooth pairing mode of 01 or having the companion app recognize.
A few minutes later, we measured all the office gaps at our fingertips.
We put 01 through the winches, rolling small measuring tools on the table, computer monitors, several chairs, smartphones, and the arms and palm of our reviewers.
Subsequent measurements of the same object produced results in a millimeter range, and it was impressive that 01 never crashed or lost a Bluetooth connection during the working day afternoon.
We found that some of the 01 features are particularly beautiful.
Lasers can be programmed to flash in predetermined increments to help measure the same in space.
The app can automatically convert the number of zoom on a map or drawing to the real number
Unit of time, this may be useful if you are using a blueprint.
If 01 has a fatal defect, it is consistency.
It may be accurate within 01.
Mm, but the rubber wheel of 01 is difficult to maintain a stable trajectory.
It is impossible to roll the wheel in a complete straight line.
Barbaric said that 01's software compensates for errors by straightening out the swaying lines, but for
In the important accurate application of millimeter, it is best to break through the 1 m bar.
MORE: With the CubitUltimately of Plott, the consumer project measurement task may become easier and 01 will not clear the sky
The high bar for the ad setting, but when it comes to measuring tools that can bypass the angle and bend edges, there may not be a better-or more cost-effective —
01 raised $464,000 on IndieGoGo and 01 was listed in London on February.
The price starts at $150, plus $30 for optional leather covers.
For six months, the No. 01 replacement battery costs $20 per two.
Sales of packaging and instruments
Three-proprietary ink and pencil corepacks for $16.
You can read all the information about it and order one on the instrument company's website.
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