impressive voice caddie laser rangefinder - best outdoor laser measuring device

by:UMeasure     2019-10-11
impressive voice caddie laser rangefinder  -  best outdoor laser measuring device
With a durable, sporty design and the latest technology, voice caddie's L4 laser rangefinder is a powerful distance measurement device.
Its rubber look provides a slipfree, shock-
Resistance device with 6x optical lens.
The L4 is equipped with slopes, continuous scanning, vibration alarms and high-performance direct capture boosters that provide high quality in terms of durability and functionality.
Many features that come with L4 include: durable design-High
Sturdy shockproof material designed for the best use of golf courses.
Power Sensor-measure the distance quickly and effectively with just one touch.
The boost sensor filters background noise and objects to increase loading speed and response speed.
Optical lens clarity and visibility are optimized with the best 6 scales equipped with high transmission rates.
The L4 Golf range machine can be adjusted with less eyepiece to more clearly measure the distance further away.
Calculation-the processing chip, lens and fast action laser transmission of L4 golf Laser range machine are combined to form a fast and fast-
Fire measurement and scanning.
Automatic slope-use this function to calculate not only the straight line distance, but also the elevation compensation distance based on the height of the target from the current standing position.
One touch vibration-the vibration function of rangefinder will inform you when pin is detected during pin mode operation, vibrate and flash in the shape of lightning on the laser LCD window.
The continuous scan mode continuously displays the data until the button is pressed and the hand is released.
You can accurately measure under all conditions and do not have to press every time, thus increasing the convenience of measuring objects.
Feel and durability-rangefinder features a rough and sturdy body with a good feel.
The suggested retail price of the voice Caddie L4 Laser range machine is RM1, 250.
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