how to read your height on doctor scales - laser measuring tool

by:UMeasure     2019-09-15
how to read your height on doctor scales  -  laser measuring tool
It should be simple to look at the scales in the doctor's office, but this is not the case.
Height can be measured in addition to weight measurement.
Normally this should be a simple program, but do you stand where you are facing the wall or where you are facing the wall with your back?
Do you wear or take off your shoes?
Do you wear or take off your socks?
Take off your shoes before you go to the doctor's scale.
You should take off your clothes if you are also weighed (
Not including insufficient gambling)and jewelry.
Stand on the scale and look at the wall on the scale.
You weigh first.
Adjust the slider on the scale.
The denomination of the bottom line is 50 pounds.
The top row has a single pound denomination.
The measurement part of the scale (
Sitting in a rectangle)
The balance between the top and bottom of the area.
Turn around and lean back to the slender rod that extends along the center of the scale.
Stand flat forward with two feet.
You shouldn't be on the tip of your toes, and your shoulders shouldn't be lazy.
Pull the silver bar at the end of the measuring tool out of the vertical position.
Keep this tool on top of your head as you stay in the measurement position.
If you have elastic and curly hair, press the bar until it hits the top of your head.
When you leave the scale, keep the vertical bar in place.
Don't let the rod move from where it sits on your head.
Look down the scale to the part where the measuring tool extends from the bottom.
This number will show your height in inches.
If this number is 72, you are 6 feet high.
If it's 71, you're 5-foot-11.
Height measurement is allowed for nurses.
This will ensure accurate reading in almost all cases.
She will make sure you are in the right position from the start, you stand straight and the measuring rod is in the right position.
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