how does a laser tape measure work? - laser tape measure reviews

by:UMeasure     2019-09-29
how does a laser tape measure work?  -  laser tape measure reviews
Laser tape measure is a substitute for traditional metal tape measure;
They are used to calculate length, width and height up to about 650 feet (198 meters).
They are usually considered to be within eight cents per inch (3 millimeters)
When measuring a distance of up to 300 feet (91. 5 meters).
Laser tape measurements are mainly used by contractors, insurance adjusters, architects, floor professionals, and other people who measure a lot.
However, homeowners can also easily use laser tape around the house.
To use a laser tape measure, place the device at one end of what you want to measure, and then aim the laser beam to hit the object at the other end.
If there is no wall, bar or something like that, you can place a target where you want to measure it.
In addition to using a laser instead of a metal tape, this process is similar to using a traditional tape measure.
Once you put the laser in the right position, press the button and the tape measure will calculate the distance and show it on the screen.
The calculation is done by using precision optics and laser physics of the phase
Shift method where the laser hits the object and compares its reflection with the emitted beam, or the time of use-of-
The flight method for calculating the time required for the light pulse to reflect back.
Some laser tape measure allows you to measure multiple distances and add them together automatically.
The laser tape measure is usually used faster than the traditional tape measure, and avoids the inaccuracy that may result from twisting or drooping the tape measure.
In addition, it is easier to read the digital display of the measurement than to count the small lines on the tape measure.
Laser tape measurement also eliminates the complexity of measuring high ceilings and other hard ceilingsto-reach spaces.
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