hermann stadtfeld - electronic laser measuring device

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hermann stadtfeld  -  electronic laser measuring device
Many large and small machines are an important part of driving the development of the modern economy, where the gears guide the power to where it should be.
From the complex movement of Swiss watches to the huge turbines of power stations, from children's bicycles to passenger planes, it is a crucial mechanism in their hearts, often invisible gears.
The history of gears dates back thousands of years, and they are at the heart of the 19 th century industrial revolution.
In the 20 th century, with the rapid development of transportation, the world-wide transportation has shrunk again, and people and trade around the world have also been promoted.
It is the gear that has always been the doctor's life, work and passion. Hermann J. Stadtfeld.
Currently vice president, umbrella gear technology and R & D, Rochester Gleason, New York, Dr.
Stadtfeld's interest in mechanical and moving parts dates back to when he made phones and other devices in Germany as a child.
When he was a child, he was so focused on the machine that his favorite uncle once told him in a way prophetic: "Boy, you have gears in your head,Stadtfeld.
The young Stadtfeld was inspired by his grandfather, one was an artist and the other was a craftsman, he's already thinking about how to make dangerous processing operations in his father's wood shop more dream of becoming an engineer and inventor
Advances in technology
Stadtfeld is responsible for saving a lot of energy and resources around the world every day;
When he started his internship in the metal industry at the age of 14, something he couldn't imagine. Dr.
Speaking at Gleason's R & D center, Stadtfeld recalled.
After completing undergraduate studies, the umbrella gear research team at Aachen University is working hard to find students to conduct Master's thesis in the field. (
The umbrella gear is usually mounted on the shaft with a tapered gear
The head of the shape is often connected to each other at right angles. )
Dr. Stadtfeld joined Gleason after working for a machine tool manufacturer in Switzerland --
Celebrate its 150 anniversary this year-
He sees the company as "a market leader in my particular field ".
"Of all the breakthroughs he made in his career, there was a doctor
Stadtfeld is most proud to have developed a gear manufacturing process that cuts metal without oil, while also doubling the operating speed.
"In addition to saving energy, materials and costs, it creates a safer and cleaner working environment, which is highly appreciated by the personnel of the gear manufacturing plant," Dr. Stadtfeld.
The process was first introduced about 15 years ago, but for Dr.
This is still an ongoing research project.
As the need for careful management of the Earth's resources and environment becomes clearer and more urgent, these savings in materials, energy and oil delivered by Dr.
The innovation of Stadtfeld is more important.
These impacts are well beyond the scope of reducing costs and improving the profitability of the company, as well as reducing the pressure on our ecosystem to benefit all of us.
And another set of inventions,
Stadtfeld said that he was very satisfied from an individual and scientific point of view, which also brought benefits to manufacturers and society as a whole.
General concept of motion (UMC)
Is a way to design gears so that they interact in an innovative way, reducing pressure and noise while improving efficiency. Dr.
Stadtfeld recalled that his client's engineers had told him many times that "what you claim UMC can do is actually impossible," he said, "It's the biggest compliment because it really works
"The umbrella gear designed using UMC has a maximum of seven very complex tooth joints in a very complex shape.
The manufacture of this gear that requires extremely high accuracy and accuracy is achieved through advances in surface measurement technology.
The first aircraft manufacturer to apply UMC gear noise reduction won the Innovation Award for the quietest helicopter of its kind.
Since then, UMC-
From racing cars to general passenger cars, the designed gears have been widely used, reducing vibration and noise and facilitating the manufacture of light vehicles.
The use of light gear with a lower level of vibration is not only on roads, but also on airplanes, as well as in factories, offices and homes with elevators, resulting in less noise, noted Dr, air conditioning or any other equipment that uses TransmissionStadtfeld. While Dr.
Other innovations in Stadtfeld may be more gradual, and they also have very significant benefits for society: such as his project to improve gear efficiency, led by a group of German scientists.
The resulting software can help designers improve the efficiency of the umbrella gear.
While a few percentage points may not sound notable, this may not be notable in terms of the amount of energy used globally --
Measured in almost unfathomable units such as exajoule and quadrillion Btu
These are great savings for the whole society.
The process of constantly striving for better gears, Dr.
Stadtfeld is described as "almost addictive ". " Dr.
Stadtfeld looks like a transmission in his work that takes advantage of his high-efficiency gear and always pushes himself forward even when he sleeps.
He said his motivation was not to "let people down"
I have to find a solution, "this is it --
The concentration of ideas has led to the improvement of gears, bringing benefits to the whole world.
At the end of the day, when he has not yet found an answer to the question he is working on, Dr.
Stadtfeld said he often scolds himself on his way home.
It's not surprising, doctor.
Stadtfeld's hobby is related to his chosen field.
He collected classic cars, including Mercedes and Buick, which he took apart, rebuilt and repaired.
He said hands-
Mechanical work also helps him establish contact with the worker who made and operated the gear
Cutting machinery designed and manufactured by Gleason.
Every year, at Ilmenau University, teaching a short and intensive course for German budding engineers is another of the doctors.
Passion for Stadtfeld.
One of his goals, he says, is to teach them "the impact of engineering ethics on society ".
"To supplement the large number of technical textbooks and papers he has published, Dr.
Stadtfeld wants to write a book about philosophy and society
Political aspects of engineering.
Doctor's overwhelming passion.
Instead of just inventing more efficient gear technology, Stadtfeld is deploying it globally;
Some of what he said was summed up by the German term sendungsbewussein.
There is no exact English equivalent, but it is about translated into a sense of mission
Pass on his knowledge to the world
We measure things with a ruler or tape measure as if nothing is the same.
Have you ever thought about the importance of "measuring?
Since ancient times, people have produced many things with measurements.
The pyramid in Egypt is an example.
Although their buildings are shrouded in mystery, it is believed that they were built with amazing precision with various mathematical techniques.
And the story of 6 th century B. C.
Greek philosopher Thales
At the same time of the day he measured the shadow of the Great Pyramid of Giza and the length of his own shadow, and the ratio of the length of his shadow to his height, determine the height of the pyramid with a triangle-like idea.
The great buildings that once stood in ancient Rome, the beautiful castles of Japan and many other buildings were built with original measurements.
Measurement work has always been essential and is becoming more and more important to modern society.
Industrial products such as automobiles, smart phones and household appliances are indispensable in our daily life.
These products are assembled from a large number of mechanical and electronic components, each of which is manufactured within the error range specified by the designer.
High precision is required at component level-
A large degree of error will prevent the product from being assembled safely and successfully, thus not providing high performance.
Take a car as an example.
Hybrid and electric vehicles, which are becoming more and more popular in today's market, require extremely high precision, especially when making gears.
In traditional cars, the noise generated by the gears is overwhelmed by the noise of the engine, but in hybrid and electric vehicles that are very quiet, the unpleasant grilles issued by the gears are much larger.
The lower quality of the Gear will also lead to increased vibration, especially in the four
SUV. Using high-
Precision gears reduce vibration, enabling the production of cars to provide quiet and comfortable driving.
More importantly, high
Precision Gear improves the efficiency of power transmission, thus improving the fuel efficiencyfriendly cars.
Gear accuracy is directly related to vehicle performance.
With this in mind, high
High quality gears help to provide people with a safer and more comfortable life.
In the manufacturing place where the gears and other parts are processed, the accuracy requirements for the specifications that meet the original design definition are high.
In order to achieve the required effect, high
Precision measurement technology and advanced manufacturing technology are essential.
Without accurate measurements, it is impossible to determine whether the manufacturing is successful.
In short, make high
Precision Components are impossible.
So how is this complex measurement going on?
There is a measuring device in each person's hand, such as a ruler, tape measure, or clamp.
These can be placed directly on an object for measuring the distance between two points.
In principle, this function has been incorporated into the traditional high
Precision, mechanized tactile measuring device, that is, in the device that measures the object when in direct contact with the object.
Measuring parts that are not just straight, spherical or cylindrical but have complex organic profiles requires thousands or even millions of data points to be accurately defined.
It may take a few days to collect this data.
To overcome this problem,
Contact 3D metering devices using laser scanners have become commonplace.
These scanners are used to quickly collect information on a large number of points and check features without using the tactile inspection method.
Nikon has applied technology in a wide range of fields and developed a highspeed, high-
Precision measuring device based on new concept. HN-C3030 high-precision Non-
Without direct contact with the object under test, the accurate measurement of the object under test is realized. Through high-
High-speed digital collection of measurement data can collect 120,000 points per second for efficient measurement.
Thanks to the sensors developed through the application of various technologies, the 3D metering system is able to measure 3D objects at a millimetre level.
In addition to the size analysis, the system can also achieve highspeed, high-
Accurate measurement of shape, profile, wear, deformation and minor features.
It can complete a complex inspection of the car gear with a diameter of 250mm in about five minutes.
Overall image of umbrella gear (
Gear outer diameter = about 120mm)
* The above image can be captured in 170 seconds using Nikon's latest measurement device.
Left: regular equipment.
Right: Latest measuring device HN-
6060 comparison of quasi-double curved Gear shapes in the display.
With Nikon's latest measurement device, data can be obtained from a large number of points and information about these three points
The size and shape of the object.
Nikon's new and innovative measuring devicespeed, high-
Accurate measurements allow the parts to be manufactured according to the designer's intent, resulting in high
Global Performance Products.
Nikon supports high through measurement
Precision manufacturing.
We will continue to meet the high demands of increasing diversity.
Provide high precision inspection technology in manufacturing site
Performance measurement devices for automobiles and other industries.
Through high-
Precision measurement technology, we will make greater contributions to society with higher efficiency.
High Performance products manufactured with higher precision components.
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