green laser strike on plane flying from kerikeri on police radar - green laser level

by:UMeasure     2020-03-09
green laser strike on plane flying from kerikeri on police radar  -  green laser level
Police radar is still investigating a laser attack on a plane that took off from the Creek Airport, which could be life-threatening.
Police officer Rhys Demster of Kerikeri police has sent a call to the public to report any suspicious behavior they found around the airport.
On Thursday ten o'clock A. M.
Police said the plane had just taken off from the airport and took about 1500 feet kilometers. 457m —
At the time of the green laser attack
A New Zealand Airways spokesman said that the nz82 75 flight from Kerry Kai to Auckland was attacked by a laser when it took off, but the plane took off without any accident.
She would not comment on how many passengers were on the flight or whether they knew about the laser attack.
"The Safety of Air New Zealand is critical.
"There is a potential danger with laser strikes, and we support the authorities in taking action when the attacks occur," she said . ".
No one has been arrested so far, but a senior international pilot has warned that the use of a laser could endanger the lives of everyone on board.
Tim Robinson, president of Air New Zealand Pilots Association, said laser is not a toy, and pilots and air traffic controllers are concerned that it is only a matter of time before such dangerous use causes serious accidents.
"I spoke to the pilots who had experienced similar laser strikes when trying to land the plane, usually with many passengers and crew on board.
"They Describe Chaos, temporary blindness and the resulting headaches as one of the most terrible things they have ever experienced," Mr Robinson said . ".
The Civil Aviation Administration said that the laser strike occurred mainly in the flight stage, and the flight stage put forward requirements for the pilot's visual, attention and cooperation ability.
The greatest coordination is proximity and landingoff and climb-out. At these low-altitude, high-
Workload flight phase, consequences of any temporary pilot-
Damage or distraction can be catastrophic and can cause extremely high public damage in the event of an accident.
Pilots may suffer from "flash blindness" or temporary blindness after high exposureIntensity light.
They don't know that the laser strike will affect the instrument of the aircraft.
Large and medium-sized passenger planes are the most common targets.
Have high-
Power Laser pointer Amendment Act 2014 provides that anyone has a high
Power Laser indicator in public place.
Offenders can be sentenced to three months in prison or a fine of 2000 yuan.
Under the Crime Act, persons convicted of "crimes against traffic" may face 14 years in prison.
Anyone who has witnessed the Kerikeri incident or has any information that will help us investigate is urged to contact Kerikeri police at 09 407 9211.
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