google earth measurements 'wrong', speeding court hears - best laser measuring device

by:UMeasure     2019-10-16
google earth measurements \'wrong\', speeding court hears  -  best laser measuring device
Dr. Tennore Ramesh, 46, travels at 41 miles per hour in the 30-mile area of Halifax Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire.
But he denied it at first.
According to his research on Google Earth, it is claimed that the distance his wife's Toyota is driving does not match the measurements taken by the mobile security camera.
The lecturer at the University of Sheffield insisted that the laser device must not accurately record his speed and recruited an expert witness to question the camera operator's claim.
"But an investigation by a prosecution expert into the site confirmed that the" error "was on Google Earth, not on a laser, and a South Yorkshire Police spokesman said yesterday:" Leaving Dr. Ramesh with no choice, the plea can only be changed to guilty on the morning of the trial. ".
Ramesh, of the university's academic neurology department, has a British driving license for less than two years and has already received three penalty points for previous speeding convictions.
Google Earth: Guide Street View: according to the rules of the new driver, anyone who has accumulated more than 6 points after passing the test has been revoked and must re-participate in the test.
He urged the court to disqualify him from driving and not to impose any further fines in order to protect his licence.
But District Judge Naomi Redhouse told Dr. Ramesh in sentencing that she was not prepared to impose a ban just because it was in his favor.
She ordered three more points to be added to his licence and left the issue of revocation to DVLA.
Ramesh in Leeds was also ordered to pay £ 3,392 and was fined.
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