gloucester township police win in new jersey law enforcement challenge - laser linear measurement device

by:UMeasure     2019-12-04
gloucester township police win in new jersey law enforcement challenge  -  laser linear measurement device
In 2011 New Jersey law enforcement challenge, the Township Police Department won the first place for its category.
The challenge is a traffic safety reward program that focuses on three key safety priorities: occupant protection, impaired driving and speeding.
The project is sponsored by the New Jersey Police Chiefs Association, the New Jersey Office of Highway Traffic Safety, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
The awards are based on entries from departments that have highlighted traffic safety education and law enforcement activities in the past year.
Evaluate the effectiveness of the three safety priorities of policies and guidelines, training, incentives and recognition, public information and education, law enforcement activities and occupant protection in various departments, driving and speeding damage
It is these traffic safety priorities that aim to change townships by reducing the frequency and severity of injuries in motor vehicle crashes each year.
Gloucester Town conducted an assessment with similar departments in New Jersey, employing between 101 and 200 sworn officials.
The department will now be included in the national law enforcement challenge plan, in which similar agencies across the country will be assessed.
The department has also obtained a laser technology Truspeed laser speed measuring device.
The traffic safety unit will use this new equipment when implementing speed enforcement initiatives throughout the township.
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