gibbon's leap secrets unveiled - laser light distance measurement

by:UMeasure     2019-10-29
gibbon\'s leap secrets unveiled  -  laser light distance measurement
Scientists have discovered the secret behind the extraordinary jumping power of white people.
Gibbon, capable of jumping more than 10 m in the gaps in the forest canopy. Using high-
The researchers recorded the speed cameras and laser measurements of two captive gibbons
One is an adult male and the other is a minor female.
In a wildlife park in Belgium, they jump between the trunks.
They found that apes were able to accelerate their bodies to an amazing speed during a single exercise.
3 metres per second
Nearly 30 km per hour
In order to make vertical jump 3. 5 metres.
In order to achieve this performance, Gibbon (Hylobates lar)
Need to collect suppressed reserves
Through muscles, tendons and bones, energy is effectively released during bumps.
But the mechanics of gibbons are not specialized jumping animals like locusts, fleas and jungle babies whose anatomy has been evolved into super animalsjumpers.
An animal that grows in a tropical forest of the South.
According to investigators, East Asia achieved this goal through mixed resources.
One is to use its long and heavy arm, which accounts for 17 of the body mass compared to humans.
The ape squats down and then swings the hook
Put your arm forward when you take it. off.
This allows its quality center to move forward at the moment of Ascension, providing it with a huge driving force forward.
The swing is not unique.
In fact, pentathletes of ancient Greece used to artificially increase the quality of the forelimb by keeping the weight (called halteres) to increase the distance when standing to jump.
However, the place where Gibbon scored specifically is to combine arm swings with large counters
Movement of the torso and hind legs before jumping
Stretch muscles and tendons to make them elasticlike lift.
The study, led by Anthony Cannon of the Royal Veterinary College in harterfield, north London, was published in the British Journal of the biological Express.
"Gibson's unusual form promotes the division of labor between the hind legs, forelimbs and the torso, and the power requirements are not high compared to more professional hoppers," it said . ".
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