get the rainbow glow - green light laser level

by:UMeasure     2020-03-24
get the rainbow glow  -  green light laser level
Shiny hair is everywhere on Instagram, the coolest coloring technique. If you want to color this season, don't look again.
The bright line trend is a change in the rainbow color do with a horizontal stripe of bright colors, which makes the laser hit the luminous effect of the lock.
Of course, this effect is worth it on Instagram and has become popular on social media.
From deep purple to purple and turquoise, designers are conducting a field event that matches shades.
Najeeb Ur Rehman, director of Professional partner services at Schwarzkopf Professional India, said late-stage bright-line hair and other vibrant coloring techniques are making waves.
"In terms of hair texture, this technique requires straight hair with good elasticity, as these bright straight hair colors can only be in front of the hairlightened hair.
Rainbow colors are usually preferred in smaller parts, but we can't deny that there is a lot of demand for rainbow colors this season and customers don't mind trying more.
This is why many professional hair dyeing companies have launched a half
"Permanent, direct color pigments so that we can create these bold color statements," he said . ".
Kinjal Ganatra, director of the dry-Blow Bar, explained that the bright-line color technology has been around for some time and is becoming popular in the world.
"The hair color of the rainbow/unicorn is very popular, from the splash light to the hidden rainbow or dark light, everyone picks the crazy color on the palette.
Purple, blue and neon pink are very popular in India.
Color shades and locations can be customized according to your customers and vary in brightness and visibility.
You can also ask your hairdresser to use natural shades such as Brown, blonde and red, but achieve shiny lines, so that it maintains an interesting shift from your usual monotonous hue and is still very wear-resistant.
"As there is a lot of dark paint in Indian hair, in order to get the rainbow color/bright thread, the hair needs to be bleached into very light blonde hair for vitality," she added . ".
The awareness of rainbow hair itself is gradually increasing, with senior stylist and makeup artist Anisa Fernandez Tavares
Narini at the narini and Asmin salon.
However, she warned, "Bleach will damage the hair to some extent, because it has to be raised to a very light level in order to change the color of the hair.
The degree of damage actually depends on the health of your hair, the expertise of the person doing the process, and the type of hair color process you do.
"Washing can fade faster, so it should last about six to eight weeks depending on the type of hair," Anisha said . ".
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