future fighter jets will use ai-enabled weapons and sensors - range sensor

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future fighter jets will use ai-enabled weapons and sensors  -  range sensor
The Navy is currently analyzing air frames, targeting systems, and artificial intelligence.
Enable the design of new 6-sensors, new weapons and engine technologies-
A generation of fighters flying with F-
35 and finally replace F/-18.
The next one is Navy.
Dai-aviation dominance has gone beyond the purely conceptual phase and has begun to explore prototype systems and aircraft frameworks in the pursuit of new aircraft carrierslaunched 6th-
Service officials explained that Gen fighter jets will appear in 2030 and beyond.
"Some important areas of consideration include aircraft design, advanced engines, propulsion, weapons, mission systems, electronic warfare, and other emerging technologies that derive and develop," said Naval spokesman Lt . "
Lauren told the Warriors earlier this year.
The formal analysis of alternatives expected to be completed this year is weighing the use of nearer-
Term new variants or upgrades of existing technologies such as cutting-edge weapons, sensors, and stealth configurations --
Or set aside more time for the jump
The future development system will emerge. NEW NAVY AIR-TO-
The missiles destroyed the air defense system from 120 miles. The current analysis is as follows
Preliminary competency document completed, detailing some of the capabilities sought
Chatmas explained that after a request for a new aircraft or a "aircraft family.
Expected decision on the 6 th
Gen fighter in-of-
However, the maturity of the various promising new weapons and technologies is not yet clear, approaching the threshold of operational possibilities.
For example, some people nowin-
The next development
New generation stealth technology including new radar
Avoid configuration, coating materials and advanced heat-
Fast signature reduction
Combat readiness is close.
However, in the absence of a clear schedule, for example, new stealth sensors or sensors that enable artificial intelligence can ensure over-matching over the next few decades, Navy developers believe that driving the current"of-the-
It is possible to the greatest extent. (
Read Warrior Maven's report on Air Force 6-
Prototype production-CLICK HERE)
This challenge is called "sixth-
The generation Quandry "raises the question of whether the postponement of the official sixth session is equally valid
Until the real breakthrough comes along, while pursuing advanced variants of the current upgradeable platform in the medium term.
2016 papers from the Naval Graduate School acquisition research project cited a small number of current systems showing significant long-termterm promise.
New model of Paper website "F-
35 optimized for air combat, "the emerging B-21, drone-launching C-
The 130 "mother ships" and "weapons truck Arsenal aircraft" will optimize current technological advances.
These systems, including a B-52-
Arsenal aircraft, unmanned fighter jets, artificial intelligence
Enhanced sensors and new weapons with an unprecedented range are designed to accommodate new iterations of artificial intelligence, processing speed, software upgrades, and other incremental improvements.
According to this logic, the performance difference between the best upgrade platforms today may not be enough --
And new things that can be built in the next 10 years or so.
Can these scalable systems be enhanced by new ones?
The iteration of stealth technology is now woven to B-
21. Is it enough to promote the Naval Aviation Advantage for decades?
This will mitigate the risks and costs of pursuing a real "breakthrough" in the short term, with the possibility of freeing up funds and resources to explore the paradigm --changing air-
Long term fighter technology.
In addition, current sensors, avionics and weapon systems
Reliant, an environment that greatly improves performance by integrating new algorithms, analytics, or processing speeds.
In fact, all of this raises the question of whether, in the next few decades, a whole new fuselage is really needed to achieve over-matching? By 2030?
New destroyer of high Navy weapons
The power laser changed the war strategy. These problems seem to provide information for the current Navy's basic principles, that is, to view the new fuselage and the adjustment of the existing best functions.
The latter option brings its own advantages as a wide variety of industry developers are already building 6-
A new stealth fighter.
From the application of AI, the micro for a long time
Distance sensors, aiming technology, and drones
Improve autonomy-
Some people think that maybe some of the most important ingredients are long.
In fact, the term transformation technology is already here.
This is going to be a closer-
Term aircraft, extracted from some non-aircraftthe-shelf-
These projects will continue to be addressed.
Some of these decisions are also expected to be affected by the success of the Navy's ability to continue to extend the combat life of F/-18. The Navy’s F/A-
18 the extended life plan has extended the aircraft's initial planned flight of 6,000 hours to 8,000 hours through a series of upgrades.
Now, look at the fuselage and the state of cutting --
Edge avionics, the service wants to drive its F/A Fleet
From 18 seconds to 10,000 hours.
Navy officials told the fighters that these upgrades are very important and can bring F/A-in many cases-
The battle will perform well in the future.
Some adjustments start with the body itself;
The service life "assessment" procedure may replace the central "barrel" of the fuselage and analyze the fatigue of the cabin (
Engine coating or skin)
Service officials said. The F/A-
18 The upgrade also added new navigation technology, digital storage devices, task computers, helmets-
As a passive sensor, IRST is equipped with prompt system, electronic scanning array radar and advanced target sensor, called infrared search and tracking, which can achieve better goals without sending out signals, make it vulnerable to the enemy's electronic war attack.
All paths point to number 6-
It is widely believed that the application of artificial intelligence seems to provide a framework for the most clear expectations of technological progress.
In fact, paper from 16-2017
The National NATO analytics group, known as the joint air power capability center, raises the question of when and how artificial intelligence can surpass human capabilities.
The article entitled "air combat communications in a networked environment" cites the guiding role of Air Force procurement executive William Roper in the Pentagon's Strategic Capabilities Office before, he said, "The development of artificial intelligence is beyond the ability of human beings to interact with it.
For example, "smart sensors" that can use artificial intelligence to collect, analyze and organize a large amount of combat information in milliseconds"
The enhanced algorithm is now being built into the aircraft itself to incorporate new sensing techniques without adding radar features to the aircraft.
No external antenna, pod, or some sort of structural array will eliminate more radar-
The structure detected from the body.
"Smart sensors and smart antenna arrays with adaptive properties will be embedded in aircraft structures," said an article from the International Institute of Aerospace Engineering at Jain University. (
Sensor technology and future of "Jain University" fighter.
At the same time, while the range of sensors increases significantly, the data
Sharing and long
The range connection will continue to bring-of-
However, war action has an unprecedented advantage, and challenges arise as fighting becomes more networked.
The joint air force capability center's paper calls this phenomenon the creation of an "embedded ISR" cluster, warning of security risks and what it calls "hyper-connectivity.
New Air Force nuclear weapons
2029New deploy more armed ICBM-
The combination of remote sensors and weapons with the emerging iteration of artificial intelligence is expected to make wars more classified than linear forces of Force types.
Driven by new technologies, this phenomenon highlights the dependence of war on sensors and information networks.
Of course, all of this requires the extended "embedded ISR" discussed in this article ".
Of course, Web-dependent warfare can be more effective in improving targets and reducing sensorsto-
Long distance shooting time, but it brings a significant need to organize and optimize the huge but vital flow of information.
"Not everyone on the web needs to see and hear everything.
"A hierarchy and a backup architecture for degraded network operations are needed," the paper wrote . ".
These types of challenges, where a large amount of ISR data needs to be aggregated, analyzed, and organized, are precisely artificial intelligence and
Speed can be processed.
Using advanced algorithms and real
Time analysis, computing power can instantly identify and disseminate critical moments or projects related to combat, thus prioritizing and greatly accelerating the human decision-making cycle. AI-
Accelerate informed combat decisions supported by actual combat
Time analysis allows human decision makers to take advantage of data pools that were otherwise inaccessible.
The algorithm can integrate new information, compare it with a large amount of stored data in real time, and draw a wise conclusion without manual intervention.
Often referred to as relieving the "cognitive burden", artificial intelligence and human iteration
Machine interface, can execute time-
Consumption or other information that is not possible-
Analysis of tasks and functions of people as final decisions-
Command and control the manufacturer in the role.
While artificial intelligence is rapidly evolving in the direction of being able to identify and organize seemingly subjective information, there are many decisions --
The ability to make and solve problems is considered unique to human cognition.
This is the story of more weapons and technology this year. WARRIOR MAVEN (CLICK HERE)
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