for self-driving cars, car washes are a nightmare - sensor laser

by:UMeasure     2020-03-27
for self-driving cars, car washes are a nightmare  -  sensor laser
Car Wash has been automated for decades, but companies developing fully automated cars have to rely on human touch to keep cars and trucks working.
Put a self, there are a series of problems
Experts say driving vehicles through traditional car wash.
For example, soap residues or water points can effectively "blind" self-drive cars.
The heavy brush of the traditional car wash car may damage the sensor of the vehicle, affecting the calibration and accuracy of the sensor.
To make matters worse, sensors that cost more than $100,000 could be damaged. A self-
The exterior of the driving vehicle needs to be cleaned more frequently than the normal car, as the sensor must remain free of obstacles.
Dust, dead insects, bird droppings or water spots can affect the ability of vehicles to drive safely.
Avis has many years of experience in managing a large fleet of taxis and has been responsible for cleaning and self-fueling
Driving the van fleet of Waymo
The driver of Google's parent company.
The company transformed its three branches in Phoenix into Chrysler Pacific trucks.
"There are some special processes that definitely need more care and attention and you have to clean [the vans]
Arthur odunia, chief innovation officer at Avis, told CNN.
"We provide them with quality services that I don't think any vehicles around the world can get.
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Driving can change everything and Orduña won't reveal how they wash their cars. But other self-
Drive Toyota, Aptiv, Drive and other car companies.
AI and Uber have described to CNN that they use ultra-slim cloth and rubbing alcohol, water or glass cleaners when cleaning by hand.
In the case of snow and ice, Uber asked a worker to apply a windshield cleaning solution with a spray bottle on its camera lens.
Then remove any remaining substances with one mouthful of air.
Toyota mostly cleans camera lenses with cloth rubbing alcohol, but sometimes turns to clean wipes.
But the possible mobility of a self
Drive a business in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
The whole vehicle depends on cloth and water.
At the same time, some companies, such as cruise lines
General vehicle driving group (GM)
They are building sensor cleaning equipment for their vehicles.
This can reduce the need for some manual cleaning.
Startup Seeva is developing similar technologies to clean sensors for autonomous vehicles.
Seeva has provided a system to heat the cleaning solution to 160 degrees and spray it on the surface to clean bacteria, dirt or ice.
But because self-driving cars can have dozens of sensors, Seeva CEO Diane lansingh doesn't think a product like this can clean every camera, radar or Lidar, most experts believe that laser sensors are essential to the self.
Driving a vehicle. "For self-
"Driving technology to scale, we can't have engineers pay $150,000 a year to run around cars and wipe them clean," said lansingh . ".
"It will take a long time before we get rid of manual care.
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