focal unleashes a new range of high-end car audio speakers - laser measuring devices

by:UMeasure     2019-09-20
focal unleashes a new range of high-end car audio speakers  -  laser measuring devices
Focus today, high
Utopia M, a high-end luxury speaker manufacturer in France, released the company's latest high-end speaker
Car Audio end reference. This latest in-
Focus's car products are based on the brand's presence in the car audio market, which started the utopia Be series as early as 2005. The new high-
Utopia M line uses some of focus's innovative technologies, including M-
We recently reviewed the profile speaker cone in the company's elgia headset.
Focal also developed a unique one using laser measurements and advanced simulation tools
The company claims the product offers better frequency response and wider sound dispersion.
The profile also reduces the depth and allows a larger sound circle to combine power and sound.
Smaller size means that the speaker can perform better under normal circumstances
Restricted placement areas such as doors and dashboards.
The Utopia M series is hand-made at the St. Etienne factory in Fox, France.
For the best sound and performance, all components of the Utopia speaker driver are redesigned.
Except for a 6.
The Utopia M series includes bass speakers and treble speakers 3.
5 "medium, 8" ultra-thin bass speakers, and 10 "subwoofer to create a more dynamic system.
With Utopia M, the installer can build the "carte" audio system.
The series also includes a new 2-Passive kit.
For more information, visit Focal.
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