faa gives amazon green light to test delivery drones - green light laser level

by:UMeasure     2020-03-22
faa gives amazon green light to test delivery drones  -  green light laser level
The airline regulator gave Amazon the green light to begin testing its main aerial drones in the United States
The decision, coupled with the new federal approval process, could pave the way for other companies interested in drone delivery.
The Federal Aviation Administration told Amazon this week that it will be free to research and develop drone technology under certain restrictions.
Amazon's drones cannot fly more than 400 feet miles or 100 miles an hour.
They also have to stay in the direct line of sight of the drone operator, fly only during the day and operate on private property. The two-
This year's exemption allowed Amazon to advance plans to ship small packages with drones.
The company hopes that shortening the wait time between orders and deliveries will encourage consumers to buy more goods online.
The latest exemption period for the FAA is two years.
Amazon is not the only company that dreams of delivering a drone.
From beer to pizza to tacos, drone delivery can be used in many industries.
That's why Amazon's exemption is so important and why the new plan for the FAA to simplify the exemption request could open the door for many drone delivery operations.
Now that Amazon has been approved for drone delivery research and development, others who wish to do so may be dealt with quickly during the summary authorization process.
But Les Dorr, a FAA spokesman, said each application would be evaluated separately. —Brian FungU. S.
The stock market ended a strong week on Friday as investors praised GE's decision to spin off most of its highs
Venture GE Capital business and buy back up to $50 billion in shares.
All 10 major S & P 500-
The stock index industry ended the day, but the S & P industrial index performed best, up 1, driven by the rise in GE shares. 5 percent.
GE rose 10.
$ 8% to $28.
51, the highest level since September 2008, after the company said investors could get more than $90 billion in return by 2018.
Friday is the biggest.
The Daily jump of the stock, and the most active trading day since March 2009.
More than 0. 351 billion shares changed hands.
"It shows a broader trend to re-focus shareholders, which can support the market," said David Lebowitz, global market strategist at JPMorgan Asset Management in New York.
"If we continue to see buybacks and higher dividends, I suspect we will see that this provides a more compelling reason for the future development of the stock.
The Dow Jones industrial average rose 98. 92 points, or 0.
6% to 18,057.
On the 65 th, the S & P 500 index rose 10. 88 points, or 0.
5% to 2102.
06, the Nasdaq composite index plus 21. 41 points, or 0.
4% to 4995. 98.
The Dow Jones gained 1 this week.
6%, S & P 1.
7%, with Nasdaq 2. 3 percent.
Dow and S & P rose for the second consecutive week with the help of a rally in the merger.
Investors are looking forward to the first
Quarterly earnings season.
Although some companies have released reports this week, they will see the results of some big companies, including several banks, next week.
Profits for the S & P 500 are expected to decline by 2.
According to Thomson Reuters, the index was 9% in the first three months of this year. —
Reuters ● Swedish matches should not be allowed to change warning labels on snus smoke-free tobacco products, claiming they are less harmful than cigarettesS.
The Food and Drug Administration ended Friday. Stockholm-
Sweden-based Match is seeking FDA approval to eliminate warnings about oral cancer, gum disease and tooth shedding in its snus product and says it is "significantly less risky" than cigarettes"
● Nissan and BMW said on Friday they recalled more than 165,000 vehicles worldwide due to potential fuel
A pump that may cause the engine to stall or not start.
The affected vehicle is 95,031 Nissan Rogue suv in the United States. S.
The companies said that the Canadian market began in the 2014 model year, and about 70,500 BMW cars around the world began in the 2014 model year and 2015.
● Oil prices rose on Friday, as expectations that an agreement on Iran's nuclear program will lead to more Iranian barrels returning to the market quickly fell, and oil prices rose every week.
● Goldman Sachs paid CEO Lloyd Blankfein $24 million for $2014 ).
Rose 3% year on year.
The basic salary of Blankfein has not changed at $2 million.
His cash bonus increased to $7.
33 million from $6.
According to a regulatory document, it was 3 million per cent in 2013.
Boeing said on Friday that Panama-
Copa-based airlines will buy 61 Boeing 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9 jets for $6. 6 billion. ● U. S.
As the rise in oil costs is offset by a fall in prices of other commodities, import prices have fallen in three months, a sign that inflation has eased, which supports the possibility that the Fed will not raise interest rates in June. —
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