engine-blasting laser the latest weapon against pirates - long distance laser level

by:UMeasure     2020-03-27
engine-blasting laser the latest weapon against pirates  -  long distance laser level
The laser tested by the Naval Research Department can bring heat to Somali pirates.
Last week, the Navy successfully tested solid for the first time. state high-
Energy laser from the ship
The beam targeted a ship sailing in turbulent Pacific waters, lighting the engine of the target.
The Navy Research Office says the laser is "a few miles, not a few yards.
"At the moment, testing is proof of concept, and it's not yet known when it can be deployed as a weapon. The baseball-
However, the size of the laser can be used to prevent small ships from approaching warships.
It can also target pirates.
"You can use a laser to stop the attack, or you can narrow it down to non-
Fatal, it basically turned into a very bright light so they knew they were being targeted, "said Michael de cheman, director of air combat and weapons at the Naval Research Office, Wednesday.
Deitchman says the laser offers two benefits that other military weapons don't have.
The laser is precise and unlike bullets that can jump and hit unexpected targets, the intensity of the laser can be reduced from lethal levels to annoying levels. Graeme Gibbon-
Brooks, head of Dryad's maritime intelligence division, said the test was "remarkable" for how the Navy could focus its beam at such a long distance at sea ", considering how the boat is bumpy in the rough water.
"Pay tribute to the United States. S.
Because it's very, very impressive, "he said.
"It was pitching and rolling, but they focused this very good beam on a part of the engine housing.
It's amazing that they manage to keep their energy in one place.
In recent months, attacks by Somali pirates have become increasingly violent.
Pirate attacks usually include multiple boats amplified on the target.
Pirates often carry and shoot AK-
47 assault rifles and rockets
Firing grenades at the target
Some cargo ships are now equipped with private security guards against pirates.
They can also use defensive measures such as high-pressure water guns and blasting equipment.
However, these measures may not be sufficient to overcome armed attacks. Gibbon-
Brooks says the new laser "absolutely" can be used against pirates, but he says Sniper rifles can be used as well.
He suspects the Navy has more hope for its waters. based laser.
The Navy released a test video on YouTube.
It was watched more than 600,000 times.
"This is a very, very interesting moment for naval battles because we have a whole new type of weapon," he said . ".
"This is undoubtedly a big step forward.
"The ability to apply more power in an emergency, or the ability to manipulate it, is really where I see it," he said . ".
"I think if you watch this video and think it's something they intend to do with Somali pirates in a year, you don't understand what's going on in front of them.
It can be used for any type of naval battle.
"As part of a $98 million contract, the Navy and Northrop Grumman conducted laser tests.
The major project of the Naval Research Office is megawatt.
Deitchman says horizontal electronic lasers that can be used to defend naval ships against supersonic and ballistic missiles.
Recent laser tests have helped the Navy move in that direction.
"This proves once and for all that we can get material damage effects with lasers at sea, which really gives us the confidence to continue using directional energy systems," Deitchman said . ".
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