draft: 2018 scouting combine primer - best laser measuring device

by:UMeasure     2019-10-17
draft: 2018 scouting combine primer  -  best laser measuring device
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This week, qualified potential customers from North America and Europe will participate in the 2018 NHL scout portfolio in Buffalo, which will be held in HarborCenter.
The NHL club will interview potential clients within a week before taking part in the fitness test that will take place on Saturday, June 2.
To know what these potential customers have to go through during the test, please read the detailed event schedule below and a description of each test.
Top potential customers Evan Bochard, Rasmus Dahlin, Andrei Svechnikov, Filip Zadina, Noah Dobson and Brady texchuk will be in HarborCenter
The outlook will be divided into groups and a series of tests will be conducted throughout the day.
After completing the task, they will meet with members of the media.
Here are some brief descriptions of the above tests provided by NHL: Y-
Balance is a dynamic test performed in a single test
A leg pose that requires strength, flexibility, core control and body feel.
It is used to assess physical performance, demonstrate functional symmetry, and identify athletes with greater risk of lower limb injury.
Usually, athletes have significant limitations/weaknesses or left and right imbalances at a very basic level of exercise . . . . . . FMS tries to identify these problems using a simple grading system (0 to 3)
Evaluate mobility and stability in the next 7 mobile tests;
Squat, hurdles, in-
Straight bow, shoulder activity, active straight leg elevation, stable trunk push-
And rotation stability.
Athletes adjust the grip force gauge to the size of their hands, fully stretch their arms, and squeeze the force gauge as hard as possible.
The test is carried out on both hands.
Aerobic fitness is assessed by measuring the amount of oxygen used (VO2max)
During the maximum movement, volumetric determination and analysis of expired air was used.
In addition, the heart rate is continuously monitored to provide data for heart rate-based training.
This test will be carried out on a professional-grade spinning bike (Watt Bike)
Use the cyclic force meter of the leather Metalyzer VO 2 car.
The athlete must have no shoes, the heel and the back of the foot contact the bottom of the equipment . . . . . . The height is measured to the nearest 0.
25 inch from the highest point on the measuring device.
The athlete stretched his arms straight to both sides.
The wingspan was measured to the nearest 0.
From the fingertips to the fingertips 25 inch.
The athlete's feet are slightly separated and the toes are behind the jump line.
Using arm swings to assist, athletes jump as much as possible.
In three trials, the distance from the jump line to the heel mark was recorded to the nearest centimeter.
An acceleration force double plate system will be used to objectively measure the direction, strength and time of the three-dimensional (3D)
The strength of an athlete in hockey.
The AccuPower system also captures synchronized video data from two high-speed cameras and covers 3D force vectors generated from each leg.
The test will provide immediate feedback to allow the team to assess exercise efficiency, physical performance, and injury potential.
Using a standard cushion bench, the athlete raises 50% of his weight (pre-determined)
Use free weight (
Including barbell)
Each athlete will perform three games. 3)
The maximum speed represents a slight pause between each representative of the chest position.
The "gym perception" device will be used to measure the speed of the bar and the ability of athletes to generate motivation.
The reported score will be in Watts/kg. 5-10-5 yards transfer (or 15-30-15 feet)
Multiple evaluations
Direction speed, agility, full body response and control.
This is a timing test using a laser timer.
Athletes will wear small RFID (
Rf id)
Tags to collect additional data for acceleration and deceleration.
The strength and endurance of the forearm and upper limb flexors and core stability of the athletes were evaluated.
Record the maximum number of consecutive repetitions with the correct technology.
Athletes sit on professional spinning bikes (Watt Bike)
Cycle the Force meter so that when the pedal is turned, the legs in the "down" position are slightly smaller than the fully stretched legs.
The foot should be fixed on the pedal of the horse stir.
The athlete rode for two minutes under low resistance to warm up.
When given the start command, the player will perform the following interval while seated.
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