distance measuring device How to Find the Intersection Angle of a Wall

by:UMeasure     2019-07-07
Finding the corners of the two walls at home is useful for redecorating or planning the decor.Understand the angle of the intersection of walls or floors to accurately install special cabinets or shelves.In general, determine the intersection of two flat surfaces (such as two walls) in high school triangle classes or in your later classesSecondary education.
With standard household items, you can do the process with relatively high accuracy.Pick any point on each side of the two walls, equal distance to each other, floors and corners, and measure the distance between them.The purpose of this step is to create a triangular space surrounded by measuring devices and walls.
With the larger measurement size, the accuracy of the final calculation will increase.This measurement is called the "relative" edge of the triangle.Measure the length between one point selected on the wall and the corner.
The distance between the two walls is the same.When facing the corner, one side of the right triangle is called the "oblique edge ".Divide half of the measured length between the two walls by the length of the wall between the intersection and any measurement point, the length of the diagonal edge.
This calculation determines the sine value of the angle.Press the "Arcsin" button on the scientific calculator.This button usually displays "Arcsin" or "reverse Sin ".
Enter the previously determined value of the angle sine, then press the \ "Enter \" or \ "Answer \" button.The Arcsine function performs an angle-related reverse operation that generates a sine value determined by the measured value for the input value.This response is given to the extent.Multiply this value by 2.The resulting product is the angle of the intersection wall.
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