digital linear measurement tool TIA PhD candidate researches on-farm pasture measure equipment use

by:UMeasure     2019-06-29
Effective pasture management is an important aspect of the success of dairy production, but many dairy farmers do not use ranch measurement equipment.Alison Hall, PhD candidate at Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, is exploring technology use, promotion activities and on-Standardized ranch management.After four years at Tasmania University with a bachelor's degree in agricultural science and a dairy promotion officer at TIA, Miss Hall became interested in Tasmania's dairy industry.
xa0The study of "Tasman dairy farming technology-exploring and optimizing its role and absorption to improve pasture management" will help inform future promotion activities in the dairy industry."As part of the project, I am exploring why and how Tasman dairy farmers make decisions around ranch management and what factors are driving farmers to participate in outreach activities," said Miss Hall .".“Levels of on-Farm ranching consumption is still below the possible targets, which indicates that it is possible to further improve the ranching utilization rate by farmers by measuring and monitoring ranching to improve ranching management knowledge and skills.
Miss Hall investigationxa0Tasmaniaxa0The extent to which dairy farmers are used to measure the tools and techniques of the ranch, including the upboard meter or the CDAX bike reader.The survey also asked about the participation of farmers in the promotion activities to determine the drivers behind the current activitiesfarm practices."The survey found that three of the five dairy farmers in tazhou have Ranch measurement tools, but only two of the five dairy farmers currently use the tool ,"xa0Said Miss Hall.
"It also found that in the state of Tasmania the proportion of farmers involved in the promotion activities was high, with 86 farmers participating in the general promotion activities, the number of participants in an event dedicated to ranch management was 76.After the ranchSpecific promotion activities,xa038 farmers have changed their management,xa035 cents for ranch measurement,xa0Only 7 per cent of people use this tool to measure pasture.A key focus of Tasmanian dairy industry research is to raise awareness, knowledge and use of best practice ranch management principles and practices to optimize ranch management and production on farms.
Miss Hall's PhD is part of a PAR program funded by Australian dairy companies and the University of tazhou and receives additional funding through the AW Howard Memorial Trust
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