cut above the rest - buy digital measuring tape

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cut above the rest  -  buy digital measuring tape
A group of skilled artisans from West Bengal, Orissa, Delhi and Tamil Nadu shaped the city's fashion trends with needles and lines, scissors and tape measure.
Their flexible fingers use a variety of stitching and materials, such as beads, sequins, stones and zari, to make iconic designs snapped up by fashionistas, using magic on regular fabrics.
Most of the city's upscale boutiques and tailor centers rely on these masters and skilled workers to ensure that their products have this style.
Unlike unskilled migrant workers in the construction industry, these workers are skilled craftsmen who learned their trade in their teens.
As a result, their work is at a premium and treasured by designers and boutique owners.
Most of the workers dropped out of school and they were apprentices to experienced workers and trained in professional work.
Maura Nazrul, a knife master at a boutique, comes from a village near Kolkata.
He had a tape measure hanging around his neck, with a large pair of scissors and a piece of chalk in his hand, carefully measuring, marking and cutting shirts, churches, cotton and silk from kurtas, ghagras and salwars.
The cloth will be used for embroidery once he has finished cutting.
According to the design, it is decorated with machine or hand embroidery.
Various embroidery experts sugith aggith and Taj Mahal more present their fine works.
They bent down a piece of fabric laid on the frame and decorated it with pearls and white silk.
When they insert pearls into thin lines, their needles fly around like lights.
Sujith said, hand over a piece of black cloth, which has patches of various patterns in different stitching, beadwork, zari, etc: "This is to show all kinds of work we know.
The designer tells us what color and embroidery they want us to use on a particular garment and we will do it accordingly.
"Mill Khan used his sewing machine to create art pieces on the fabric, showing his intricate pieces embroidered with beautiful roses in pink tones.
Mill said: "We are all from the same village near Kolkata.
There are many such centers there, all of us learn from Ustads, which teach us to use different kinds of line works on clothes and saris.
That's his uncle's. K.
Take him to Ashraf, Kerala.
"If a person knows a good place to work, we will tell our friends that this is the way we get here," he added . ".
For the past eight years, Ashraf has been working on buttons and bows, a boutique and tailor unit in the city.
He said it was his employer's attitude and their concern to keep him in the city.
Although he has worked in Bangalore and the money is good, he says the facilities are much better.
"The climate is good and people are good.
My employer sent me to Kolkata when I had to go home.
They helped me in an emergency . . . . . . At home, many young people also asked me to find a job for them in Kerala.
That's why I brought them, "he explained in fluent Hindi.
Some of them have worked in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and other places, and have worked closer to home in Bangalore and Delhi.
Ishaq Shaikh, for example, worked in Dubai for six years before moving to Mumbai and then to Kerala.
"The high quality here ensures that people here treat us politely.
They see us as human beings.
There is no fight, and we have the opposite '(peace).
Back home in Orissa, there are some problems every day.
"I like to work here and it's not just money that matters," Ishaq asserted . ".
He was happy to convince his brother, Satal Sheikh, to live with him here with his two nephews, and now they all live together.
Workers in a unit often live in an apartment or house and cook their own meals.
Food is a problem, they admit.
"The rice is different, and the fish here is different.
The mustard oil we use for cooking is not easy to buy.
But with the arrival of the supermarket, our masala and spices have become easier.
"Since the packet is displayed, it overcomes the language barrier," Asharaf said . ".
Entertainment is usually done in Dongbao, covaran, and sometimes in ponmoody, canyakomari and monnal.
But when they are on vacation, most of the money is saved home and bought gifts for their families.
As a gift, what do they bring home and do?
"Clothes for hair, cosmetics and coconut oil," Sujith laughed . ".
Their home is still West Bengal and Orissa and so on, all of whom have left their families in their hometowns.
"This is more convenient.
But I want to take them to Kerala once . "
Trend setterBody Tunes is the first boutique to take advantage of the skills of workers in Tamil Nadu.
"They used to live where we were at PTP Nagar.
Many people get together with family.
But now I only have two workers.
I outsource my work to artisans in Tamil Nadu, "said Sheila James, owner of Body Tunes and Czarina.
She said that although she tried to train local tailors in art such as Ari embroidery, most of them lacked the patience and dedication needed to work.
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