crystal clear: using design as a differentiator in a crowded market - handheld distance measuring devices

by:UMeasure     2019-10-31
crystal clear: using design as a differentiator in a crowded market  -  handheld distance measuring devices
On Saturday night, India's online tourism industry was as crowded as the first platform of the New Delhi railway station.
According to comScore, Inc. , a global leader in the digital world, at least one lakh Indian visited 82 travel sites in December 2013.
There are only 48 websites listed under the general news category that can be said.
When you think of news sites that are everywhere, you will feel the competition in the tourism industry. Two names -
Indian Railway (
Thanks to IRCTC, railways of India and other websites)
And MakeMyTrip-
In terms of comScore numbers, it stands out among the crowd.
While Indian railways clearly benefit from being the official ticketing and information source for India's preferred means of transport, MakeMyTrip is supported by Nasdaq financial forces
Listed MakeMyTrip Co. , Ltd.
For others, it is difficult to stand out in this crowded market.
Not long ago, visiting the home page of any travel portal means being bombarded with the latest cashback offers, holiday packages, and everything else in the sun, as part of philosophy, there is no doubt that it involves throwing everything at customers, and hope something can stick to it.
MakeMyTrip felt guilty about it like anyone else, and the rest, perhaps, felt the need to emulate the leader and follow.
As an end user and someone looking at the market from the outside, a company stands out with its minimalist design concept --Cleartrip.
Although all players now seem to be learning the importance of design, no longer stuffing everything possible into their home page, Cleartrip's website is no longer as simple as it used to be, not only does the company have a unique design concept, it is one of the few companies in India, but it has the courage to stick to it.
The clear travel story began nine years ago.
Before that, together
The founder and product and strategy director of Hrush Bhatt works at a company called Plexus Technologies, which has built a large number of original India. com.
From there, he started a company called "Paper Airplane", a boutique consulting firm focused on business strategy and design in online space, with the first client being the travel company Thomas Cook
If Plexus was the seed that sparked the idea of Cleartrip, paper planes paved the way for the route.
The company will help Bhatt improve his design skills, understand the importance of the user experience, and help him understand the travel business from Thomas Cook.
On paper airplanes, Bhatt is committed to achieving this product, but in the early part of the new millennium, half of the companies remain skeptical about the online business --
Thomas Cook will not invest resources or infrastructure in online space.
For Bhatt and Stuart Crighton (
Now the CEO of Cleartrip)
Disappointment will lead to a new beginning.
"Everything is designed by ourselves.
But when we realized theyThomas Cook)
"We're not going to put too much into it, we decided to take our own risks," Bhatt said . ".
The problem is raising money.
Banks will not give money to startups, especially those based on the Internet.
"ICICI will not give us any money, nor will anyone else.
"The big question is how we can do this, we have taken risks, but there are fewer choices," Bhatt recalls . ".
Now, at their lowest point, the two are getting help from their luck.
A friend of Bhatt went to Mumbai with her husband Sandeep Murthy, who works at IAC, Expedia's parent company.
Four months after the first meeting, Murthy returned to Bhatt with an investment offer.
With this, Bhatt and Crighton started Cleartrip;
Matthew Spicey of the Magic Bus joined them.
He would only work in the company for one year before leaving, but during that time Bhatt said things started to go well, some were going as planned and some were unexpected.
Before their funds were in place, the founders worked alone at Cleartrip.
When the ability to pay for the workforce comes in, the workforce comes --
"It's impossible for us to convince anyone to come down and work without pay," Bhatt joked . ".
Designing a successful store requiresconformists;
When asked about his hero, he began telling anecdotes about George Mallory getting a seat in Oxford as he climbed a 28-
After the interview is late, walk into the campus.
It was a big theme for him not to accept the denial, and he told another anecdote about Clint Eastwood.
Bhatt said, "he's selling-
He knew it from the beginning.
So if the studio wants him to play, he uses his influence at the studio to get him to direct the film.
He started directing very early.
Command yourself first, then others.
"Another major inspiration for barhart came from Steve Jobs.
His mantra is "different from others", as well as his minimalist product design and high precision, with Mallory's tenacity and Eastwood's "I-know-I-am-bloody-good' attitude.
At the same time, Bhatt's background in design has helped the users of the website well --
Experience Design.
Bombing users with too much information is usually crushing them.
This is a well-known fact that still exists for most website designers in India. Making it user-
Friendliness will include improved design mobility.
Speaking of the importance of the design culture and the combination of aesthetics and functionality, Bhatt said: "Now, this is largely part of the company . ".
Bhatt says the company designed Joe Duffy, a "colossus"
Before he decides to go home, Bhatt has the opportunity to work with whom in the US because he wants to be his own boss --
It has a great impact on his work.
"The other person who inspired me was Clement Mok.
He was once the creative director of Apple.
Then he started his own studio, called the studio architect.
"Another design impact of Bhatt and Cleartrip is Roger Black, who is" very opinionated ", who works with everyone who is important enough in the printing industry to apply Bhatt, and more
When you look at his website, you can see the similarities with the Cleartrip website.
Black once said: "You only need red and Black in design.
Maybe you will add a little yellow if you need to add something else.
"There are two colors on his website.
The font for Cleartrip may not use the same red shade (They use orange)
But the subtleties of design are obvious. "He (Black)
"Because the print media is completely black and white," Bhatt said . ".
Focus on typography and types
He admits that the faces used by black people in his work are also an inspiration.
Excellent designers are cursedBhatt, who recruit designers who have been "cursed" as the reason for Cleartrip's success --
Those "look at something and say why it works like this and it should work better. . .
I will make it better ".
But every designer's journey in Cleartrip begins with never learning.
At the heart of the design synthesis is "go back to the basic working culture," Bhatt and senior designers tell newcomers to throw away the wires
Frame the model and draw the design back on paper using a pencil.
"They want to work high up --
Fidelity wireframes, vision, OmniGraffle, etc.
But it won't work at the conception stage, "he said.
"The truth is, we musttrain them.
We have to tell them that the efforts made at the end of the day will eventually be thrown into the bin.
So the only way to get faster is to get back to basics --
Paper and pencil.
"People with a design background may not like the idea, but Bhatt says it brings unnecessary details," People are starting to care too much about them ".
While Bhatt emphasizes the importance of the text you see on the site by saying "copy is part of the design", he insists that wireframes are not a stage of worrying about copying, if you use the software, this will happen.
"The writing part of the design may just be represented by the squeeze of the text [
When designing with pen and paper].
"Another important attribute of any designer of Cleartrip is coding ability.
"If you can't code, all you do is make beautiful pictures," Bhatt said . ".
Bhatt insists that future phones, while traditionally seen in India as feature-first over design, are concerned about design, especially since smartphones have become popular.
He believes that if the mobile revolution does not happen, the situation will not change in the next 15 years.
But people can now get very good apps from all over the world, which makes them sit up and make the same request to Indian players.
"I think this is where the design sensitivity has changed dramatically recently," he said . ".
Then "moving is definitely the next big thing.
"For Beginners, this is a big part of the tricky design of the future," he said . ".
The rapid popularity of 3g, the decline in smartphone prices and their convenience now means that this handheld device has replaced desktop computers as the first Internet access window in the country.
It also highlights the importance of developing good applications for devices.
The apps that the Windows, Apple, and Android app stores now have are not only great, but fully functional and practical in a modern sense.
Bhatt says Cleartrip has been contributing most of their design expertise in mobile devices.
Sunit Singh, Cleartrip's chief designer, said they built their design strategy from everything that was scalable.
Borrowing concepts to create something for another platform (
From desktop to mobile and Viceversa)
Not selling to the market is only some of these aspects.
He also said that there is a wrong idea that designers need to work in isolation.
On the contrary, he felt, it worked.
A good designer will not add things but will remove unnecessary parts.
"Tough decisions are an important part of every business, but we rely on market data to minimize the friction that designers feel," he said . ".
In his parting speech, he spoke very frankly about Cleartrip's success so far from humble beginnings, from Mallory and Eastwood, jobs and black, and Plexis, paper airplanes and Thomas Cook
"I am often asked the secret of our success," he said . "
"There is no truth.
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