china suspected of firing laser-beams at australian helicopters - hand held laser meter

by:UMeasure     2020-01-31
china suspected of firing laser-beams at australian helicopters  -  hand held laser meter
Australian navy helicopter pilots were laser-targeted while flying in the Chinese sea in Vietnam, a series of suspected attacks from the Chinese military.
The pilot was raided by chaperoningamphibious, voyagefrom, Canberra, Vietnam, Singapore, and was forced to make an emergency landing at afterlaser to attack the fishing boat. The IDF side accepted the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. ABC).
Euan Graham of the University of La Trobe, an Asian geopolitical authority involved in the mission, said Canberra was followed by a Chinese warship.
"Some helicopter pilots use lasers to point them from passing fishing boats and temporarily ban them for cautious medical reasons.
Did this surprise the fishermen?
Or is that coordinated harassment more of a Chinese maritime militia?
He wrote on the strategist's blog, run by a think tank at the Australian Institute of Strategic Policy.
"It's hard to tell, but similar events have happened in the western Pacific.
Mr. Graham told CNN that he did not see the incidents, but the Australian pilots told him that they had been harassed several times by commercial lasers.
"It is well known that China's broader approach in the South China Sea is to try to make it difficult for foreign aircraft and warships to live there," he added . ".
A spokesman for the Australian Defense Forces confirmed that the use of hands has increased
Laser equipment throughout the region.
Beijing has stepped up island building
While seeking to dominate the South China Sea, construction and naval patrols are a strategically critical waterway through which
Third level of world trade.
It is reported that several incidents related to the Chinese army and laser occurred in Dijbouti in the Horn of Africa, where the United States and China set up bases.
After a powerful beam of light hit the plane, Washington complained to China and there were similar allegations that the US plane was threatened in the Pacific Ocean.
The Australian Defense Ministry publicly condemned the practice last year.
A military spokesman told ABC on July 2018: "The Australian government will see reports of military aircraft being targeted by lasers as a potentially dangerous development that is not welcome . ".
Beijing has consistently denied any involvement in laser attacks on American aircraft.
Earlier, the British Airline Pilots Association issued a warning about the dangers faced by civil aviation flights.
"Laser attacks on aircraft will inevitably scare the pilots, dazzle them and can cause the pilots to be distracted," it said . ".
"At the same time, the pilots are concerned that the power of the laser beam is getting bigger and that they may cause serious crashes or damage to the pilot's eyes.
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