chernobyl review: 'devastatingly powerful - no piece of dramatised non-fiction has ever felt this authentic' - distance measuring instruments

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chernobyl review: \'devastatingly powerful - no piece of dramatised non-fiction has ever felt this authentic\'  -  distance measuring instruments
Five of HBO and Sky
The hour mini-drama of the world's worst nuclear power plant disaster is accompanied by the usual coda.
Some names have been changed, and some events and characters are fictional, modified, or synthesized for dramatic purposes.
However, there is no drama
The novel never thought it was true.
On April 26, 1986, an explosion occurred at reactor 4 of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
Night safety test to simulate power outage.
Two years after the disaster, the mini-drama was released.
Physicist Valery Legasov (Jared Harris)
The person who led the commission investigating the accident had just finished dictating the tape recorder, telling about the incompetence and shocking official reports that led to the explosion
Next is.
Slip out of his humble apartment, passing by the KGB in a parked car across the street, Legasov hid the tape, these tapes will eventually be behind the grill in the alley.
Then he came home, fed his cat, smoked a cigarette, put on his coat, and hung himself up.
On the night of the disaster two years ago, we were immediately transported back.
In a more common apartment in the town of Pripyat, the pregnant young wife Lyudmilla Ignatenko (
Irish actress Jesse Barkley)
After a trip to the bathroom, she returned to bed and heard a loud noise, the building was shocked by the explosive power of the Chernobyl factory three kilometers away.
Her husband, Vasily. Adam Nagaitis)
A fireman woke up from his sleep and was one of the first responders at the scene.
He will also be one of the first people to die slowly and painfully due to radiation poisoning.
However, when he reached the battle hell, the terrible reality that had just happened was not registered yet.
It will soon, though.
A colleague from Vasily picked up a piece of debris without realizing what he was dealing.
It sparkles like granite but is actually a piece of radioactive graphite.
Within a few minutes, he peeled off the heavy fireman's gloves, revealing a bleeding, bubbling hand that looked like it was pressed on a hot plate.
Inside the factory lies, deceit, and denial begin in the instant the explosion took place.
Anatoly datlov, deputy chief engineer at Chernobyl (Paul Ritter)
People who supervise catastrophic safety tests refuse to believe (
Or pretend not to believe
The evidence in the eyes of a junior colleague suggests that the explosion was not just a tank, but the core of the reactor.
He kept ordering people to go down to the inside of the factory, open the valve, open the water pipe until the core that no longer exists.
Even when they came back, because the radiation levels were so high that they used the measuring instrument to the maximum extent, they refused to admit the truth --
Until he was sick.
Meanwhile, the plant's manager, Viktor Bryukhanov, was safely placed in a nuclear bunker. Con O’Neill)
And there's a bunch of cowardly bureaucrats doing damage.
Limit exercises.
An official, the only sensible voice in the room, urged the evacuation of pripiat (
"The air is shining! ”).
Instead, in order to "prevent the spread of the wrong message", they decided to block it, trap the residents and cut off the telephone line.
In Pripyat, the uninformed locals stood on a bridge and were shocked by the ethereal lights (
Caused by radioactive particles in the atmosphere)
In the distance, the children frolic in a pile of poisonous Ashes, just like playing on the beach.
Writer Craig Mazan, previously known for writing comedy "Hangover" and sequels, and director John Lenke did not flinch, a thrilling drama, the repetition with the thriller and the chilling authenticity of the documentary.
In fact, the big actor
Including Emily Watson, scaragard and Barry Keane of Ireland
Avoiding false Russian accents adds realism.
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