cheap laser level How to Install Pavers on Unlevel Ground

by:UMeasure     2019-07-18
cheap laser level How to Install Pavers on Unlevel Ground
There are very few lawns that provide you with a full level place for you to install a terrace or walkway made of landscape paving materials.Some slopes are desirable because it allows drainage.You don't want the adjacent paving materials to be uneven and you don't want them to be a travel hazard.There are a lot of things you can do during the installation to make sure the patio or walkway is level.Careful compaction of ground and base material is the key to leveling uneven terrain to form a flat surface.Mark the boundaries of the patio or walkway.Tie a rope to two stakes and place the stakes on the ground to mark a straight edge of the sidewalk.Repeat it across the street.Lay Garden hoses on the ground to create curved edges.Sprinkle flour on the hose to mark the boundary.Mark the curved boundary with turf or paint if you wish.Dig a ditch 8 to 10 inch deep where you plan to build a patio or walkway.For small areas, use a shovel.For larger areas, consider renting a slideSteer the loader with barrel accessories to move dirt.Change the depth of the trench, so the bottom of the trench is horizontal.Check the level with Carpenter level or laser level.Add or Remove dirt as needed.Run a tablet comp machine at the bottom of the trench.These tools can be rented at the rental agency.Check the level again.Add or Remove dirt if necessary and compress the repair area.Add 2 to 3 inch gravel to the bottom of the trench.Turn over the gravel with a tablet comp machine to make it flat.Check the level with the level.Do not use smooth stones, as they do not lock together to form a solid foundation like the jagged edges of the rubble.Cover the previous layer of gravel with another 2 to 3 inch layers of compacted gravel.Dividing the gravel into two layers helps create a more solid foundation than putting the gravel layer in at the same time.When dealing with shallow layers, you are also able to better smooth out any remaining uneven areas.Place 2 inch of coarse sand on top of gravel.Place two small tubes parallel to the outer edge of the sand in the sand.Run one piece in a row-by-4-Inches of Wood goes back and forth through the pipe as an ironing board to level the sand in place.Once the sand has flattened, carefully pull the pipe out of the sand without disturbing the sand.Fill the dents left by the pipe with sand.Press all the sand tight.Place the pavement on the sand in the pattern of your choice.Don't push the paving man into the sand.If you notice that the top surface is uneven, add or remove the sand as needed to make the paving even.Place a piece of cardboard between the comp machine and the plate of the paving machine to prevent scratches on the paving machine.Compress the road paving into the sand.Use a push broom to brush extra coarse sand between the paving joints.Fill each joint completely.When the sand settles in place in the first few months after installation, you may need to repeat this step several times.StringStakesGarden hoseFlourSpray paintShovelSkid-Steering loader with barrel connecting Carpenter level or laser flat machine coarse gravel coarse sand 2 small pipe patio or walk straight plate length 2-by-4-Push a broom with one-inch planks for your garden or other landscaping.Cut paving materials with a wet saw with a diamond blade.Place a layer of geotextile on the compacted soil to prevent weeds from growing through the seams of the pavement.Contact the local utility company before digging the ditch.They will mark the location of the embedding thread so you don't accidentally dig the thread.
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