ces cars: vw unveils electric microbus concept - laser temperature sensor

by:UMeasure     2020-03-28
ces cars: vw unveils electric microbus concept  -  laser temperature sensor
Volkswagen's old minibuses are undergoing major updates and may be in the garage near you in about three years.
The company has launched a future battery
The concept of public vehicle power at CES gadget show on Tuesday night is called BUDD-e.
Volkswagen expects that it can reach an astonishing 600 km of a single charge thanks to more efficient battery technology, much longer than the current electric vehicle. The Budd-
Volkswagen says e has an Internet connection to smart home devices that can be charged to battery capacity in about 15 minutes.
Many charging stations for other electric vehicles now take hours to do the same.
It also features gesture recognition technology that controls the infotainment screen, and doors can be controlled by voice commands.
The public did not say in the release whether the new minibus would actually be put into production, but said
E "shows what electric cars will look like by 2019.
Herbert Deiss, CEO of the Volkswagen brand, said Budd-
E will become a mode of production.
Kia promises to bring a self
By 2030, driving a car to the public took ten years longer than some companies promised, but the time may be more realistic.
At the CES electronics show in Las Vegas, Kia also said it would launch a partially self-driving car by 2020.
The car still needs someone behind the wheel.
Hyundai-owned South Korean automakers have also obtained licenses from Nevada to test an autonomous Kia Soul electric vehicle on public roads.
Google, the tech giant, promises to launch
By 2020, other car manufacturers had hinted at 2025 cars in the hands of the public.
But as technical, regulatory and legal issues remain to be addressed, 2020 of the time frame may be limited to small geographic areas, according to outside experts.
Kia is building a son
The independent technology brand is called Drive Wise.
Consumer Electronics Show
At this week's Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the company will showcase technologies including highways and urban self-driving, as well as the ability to track vehicles ahead.
Kia will also show a system that analyzes the driver's face to make sure they focus on the road.
If not, the car will automatically turn to the side of the road and stop.
With more home thermostats, lights, locks and appliances connected to the Internet, automakers are making plans for you to control them from the car.
Both BMW and Ford have announced that they will be
Let the driver control the car app for smart home devices.
BMW says it is developing apps that allow drivers to "preset" their homes by setting the thermostat to the right temperature when they get home.
The company has also shown a i3 electric vehicle connected to a home device that monitors daily life, sets the route and launches the car's functions.
Ford announced that it will work with Amazon to connect the car to Alexa's personal assistant.
Later this year, the company will provide a service with voice commands that can start the car from home or turn off the alarm system and open the garage door when the driver is close to home.
The limited sight of your car's rearview mirror may have become the past.
BMW has demonstrated the mirrorless system of the i8 electric vehicle.
Images from the three cameras are combined on a monitor that replaces the internal mirror, giving the driver a greater perspective and eliminating blind spots.
The system analyzes images using a yellow warning icon and alerts drivers to potential hazards.
The replaced rearview mirror also has lines that show the car's trajectory when parking.
I3 electric car with roof-
The installed camera replaced its mirror with a wider viewing angle.
BMW has also introduced more gesture control into the 7-Series luxury car, which controls information entertainment and communication functions without touching the screen.
Ford said that as it accelerates the development of autonomous vehicles, the number of automatic vehicles in its test fleet will doubledriving cars.
At the CES electronics show in Las Vegas on Tuesday, the company said it would add 20 Ford Fusion gas-
A fleet of electric hybrid cars, let it test 30 on roads in California, Michigan and Arizona.
The company also announced that it will use the latest laser sensors manufactured by Velodyne in test vehicles. The 360-
Compared with the previous generation, the degree sensor is smaller and the sensing range is longer.
They can put it aside-
Instead of the old laser sensor installed on the roof globe.
Ford CEO Mark Field said he expects self-driving cars to be put into public use in about four years, but they cannot be driven in all weather conditions.
There is still a long way to go, he said.
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