canada puts measuring controversy in past, rolls into playoffs in mixed doubles curling - laser light measurement device

by:UMeasure     2019-10-20
canada puts measuring controversy in past, rolls into playoffs in mixed doubles curling  -  laser light measurement device
There was a lot of controversy earlier in the day, but in the end, nothing could slow down the Canadian mixed doubles curling.
Catelyn Laures in Winnipeg and John Morris in altagamore.
Won a seat in the semi-final on Monday, won two victories on Saturday, raising their record to 5-1.
They will win the first place in a round.
Robin, if they can beat South Korea at the Dragonair Curling Center on Sunday morning, they will have Hammers throughout the playoffs. The 8-
2 victory over the Olympic Athletes from Russia (4-2)
Saturday night was Canada's fourth consecutive blowout.
In those games, the opposition conceded three times in Game 6 and the seventh.
"This is our best team game," Morris said . ".
"Karin set the tone for us with her first ending photo and we really put pressure on them.
We are building some good momentum.
"It is gratifying to know that we are in the semi-finals.
The first game after walking out of the gate (against Norway)
, Lost a game, and then rebounded in five consecutive wins is fanatical.
I'm really proud of what we do.
"Canada is number one with three 4-
The two teams that followed.
Norway, Switzerland and Russia. Only 3-
On Sunday, China could break the deadlock with a morning victory over Norway.
For Canadians, the start of the day did not go well because they were at the center of the controversy, with the focus of the controversy being the equipment used in pre-match exercises on Saturday morning to measure the last stone draw.
Each player presses the button to draw before each match, and the combined score is used to determine which team at the first end gets the hammer.
The cumulative scores of all sweepstakes are also made into forms that can be used to determine the winning game.
But before the game between Canada and Switzerland
Canadians won 7-2 —
The failure of the tablet computer used to calculate the distance measured by the laser device resulted in Laures, Morris, coach Jeff Stoughton and team leader Paul Webster questioning the validity of the results.
Considering that the results of the last stone prize could play a role in setting the playoffs on Sunday, this is a major concern.
"Unfortunately (
The last stone)
"This can lead to you being eliminated, so they have to do everything right," Morris said . ".
"This is what we are after.
All results are effective and fair for each team.
Cameron mcalist, spokesman for the World Curling Sports Federation and communications director, said Saturday night that the fault was just one
It should not be a question of the future.
"As far as WCF is concerned, there is no fault with the laser and it is not actually a problem," mcalist said . ".
"We believe they created the correct reading, which is not a problem for us.
We believe that the calculations carried out so far are correct.
"There is certainly no problem with the laser device, just a problem --
Technical problems with tablets have been corrected.
"Having a hammer at the first finish line is a major advantage for the curling team, and the last stone draw before the game has become an integral part of the sport.
Curlers are concerned that none of the results of the tournament that started on Thursday worked.
"They have changed the process, and with this new process you almost need a master's degree in calculus to calculate some of these totals," Morris said . ".
"It's prone to more errors.
They try to make it so precise, but at the same time it's complicated, and sometimes you get such a mistake.
"After Morris threw his psychedelic medicine, the equipment glitch was found, so officials stopped all the players on the sheets from shooting.
The second shooter has to wait more than 5 minutes, and they all have poor shots.
"They were frozen," Stenton said . ".
"It's not what we want to see, it's just because of how important the psychedelic medicine is.
"Even though kerfuffle continues after Canada's game against Switzerland, Laures and Morris have been at the top of their game all day.
They played particularly well against Russia, with the lowers curling 86% and Morris 90%.
Both players made precise shots at critical moments and looked easy in the game against Anastasia Bryzgalov and Aleksandr Krushelnitckii, they
"I don't think it's the best game in Russia," Morris said . ".
"I saw that they played some very good games this week and I played them once in the past.
You always play a game or two.
For us, this is our first game against Norway, and for them, the first time.
Stoughton said he was quite satisfied with the explanation of WCF because the measurement dispute was-off.
"They will go back and start over.
"Check it out because they 've saved all the numbers and they'll redo the calculations," Stoughton said . ".
"We want to make sure they're right, but we still don't think they're right.
Morris is not a fan of the current measurement system and he advised them to use the tape measure.
"It's one thing if it's on a baseball field in its hometown, but when it's at the Olympics, the country's medal chances are just around the corner, he says: "You don't want to see such a mistake happen. ".
"We are confident that they will make the right decision for the fairness of all the teams.
"Twyman @ postmedia. comTwitter.
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