buy digital measuring tape How to Read a Measuring Tape in Tenths & Hundreds

by:UMeasure     2019-07-04
The tape measure has a variety of sizes and applications, such as the retractable tape measure used by the contractor and the cloth tape measurement used by the seamstress.The standard tape measure shows inches and fractions inches.The smallest mark on the tape measure indicates up to 1/1/32.
Converting a fractional measurement to a decimal measurement of up to 1/100 requires a quick use of a calculator.Measure the object carefully with a tape measure and note down the exact measurements, including measuring the score with a pencil and paper.Divide the top of the score by the lower number of the score.
For example, the decimal calculation of 3 divided by 4 for 3/4.Round the long numbers to third place.For example, the result of 3/16.1875.The third number is 7 greater than 5, so you rounded the second number.19.Measurement.The third digit of 1846 is less than 5, so the result is.
Go around any second digit, then the third digit greater than or equal to 5 until the next highest digit.Fast or standard measurements can be converted without a calculator.Half an inch equals.5.One-Square inches equal.25.One inch equals three quarters.75
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