bosch dlr165k review - digital laser rangefinder cordless tool measuring - laser range meter price

by:UMeasure     2019-09-01
bosch dlr165k review - digital laser rangefinder cordless tool measuring  -  laser range meter price
Until a few years ago, it was almost impossible for ordinary people to afford any type of digital laser range machine;
The fact that they are not reliable also does not help.
Now, with the advancement of new technologies and cheaper costs, the price of the DLR has dropped a lot in the past few years.
The Bosch DLR165K is also much cheaper than most other DLR as it is able to provide a distance range of about half.
This is a great thing for most people because who really needs to measure more than 165 feet?
If you do need more distance, you would like to pay double the price and double the distance.
Features: include: Specifications: you can see that there is nothing special about the box, really not needed.
If you bought it from the store, they will most likely lock the box or lock it behind the store and they will have a presentation model.
The display model has more information than the back of the box, and in some cases there are demo units.
My local store has a full demo unit with a simple guide on the basics of Bosch digital laser range machines.
Your precious new toy is securely packed in the box and also includes 4 AAA batteries and wristbands.
This case also comes with a hook and loop belt ring so you can carry it with you.
You can also see a comparison to the size of the battery.
There are instructions and registration cards in the box below the DLR.
Take a closer look: the controls on the DLR165K are very simple and do not even need to read the instructions.
I have had it for a few weeks and I haven't read it yet.
Basically, just look at the icon and press the button and you will know everything.
There is a large red button in the middle for turning on the device and capturing measurements.
From left to right, the first button is used to measure the area or volume.
The next step is to measure the length, or to measure continuously.
That is, the DLR will update the measurement when the length changes.
It will be convenient if you need to position yourself at some point.
Think about the movie "work in Italy" and they try to put themselves over X feet from the wall and end up completely below the safe.
The button in the upper right corner is used to change the point of unit measurement;
Start from the front edge, back edge, point of extension pin or tripod hole.
The next line is used to increase and decrease measurements.
The lower left button is used to clear the measurement.
The middle is used to turn the device on and off.
The last lower right key is used to change the unit of measurement to a fraction of meters, feet, or feet inches.
Sadly, there is no one-inch choice.
Looking at the back of the device, you will find a red switch to release the extension cord.
When measuring from a corner or other tight point, the pin needs to be extended.
You then need to set the units measured from the pins.
In front of the device, you can see where the DLR emits the laser and read the distance.
Warning: Don't try to measure the distance to your colleaguesworkers eyes.
It also has a flat area on the front, so when you measure from the front, you have a nice flat surface to measure.
Test: When I first brought the DLR165K home, I put it around the house and tested against my tape measure.
Live every time.
For the real test, I took it to work and used it to measure the pre-
I am ready to install finished oak substrates around custom oak TV cabinets.
There is absolutely no room for error.
It has 6 outer corners, 4 inner corners, and different sizes.
Again, live every time, I just need to re-
Cut a piece because of human error.
I accidentally wrote 3/16 "when cut is 13/16 ".
I have been testing it in this job and have experienced it every time.
The only thing I haven't tested is the real log distance.
I don't even know how to test it.
I think it has to be more accurate than calculating the speed or using the wheel.
The fact that I don't like this unit is that it's not measured in running inches, it's only measured in walking inches.
It's not a big deal, but it's a nasty thing for someone like a finishing carpenter who only measures inches.
The other thing is the shape of the unit.
If the unit is made up of completely square edges and corners, I would prefer it.
It is designed for ergonomics, but it is a bit difficult for certain objects.
Pros: It's very simple to use and you don't need a manual. Very accurate.
Cons: do not measure running inches. Non-
Square sides and corners.
Conclusion: is this price worth it?
Yes, in my opinion.
I will buy this again.
It is very simple to use, just remember where the unit is measured.
You don't want to measure from the back, thinking you measured from the front.
This is a good value for money and a good investment.
Please note, Bosch.
In the next version, add run inches and squarer edges.
I think the ideal is the edge of the square and trim the corners a little.
Overall rating 4.
Function 4.
0 accuracy 5.
0 quality 5.
0 value 5.
Comfort 5.
0 view your Bosch DLR165K here [
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