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by:UMeasure     2019-07-01
In advanced digital equipment, the digital multimeter stands out with its high precision.They are actually one of three devices.They can measure current when they are used as ammeter.When they are used as voltmeter, they are used to measure the voltage, and when they are used as ohrazer, they are used to measure the resistance.
These devices are useful for a variety of testing purposes.However, how do we maintain for them in order to make the most of them.You should follow these tips when we operate them.
When we measure the current using a digital multimeter as an ammeter, you should remember not to ground yourself.You can use other things to protect your body from the damage of the ground, such as dry clothes, insulator, plastic.At the same time, exposed metal pipes, fixtures and exits are also potential safety hazards.
Therefore, you should be more alert to the risks.When you use a digital multimeter as a voltmeter, you should pay more attention to the voltage above 60 v or 30 v AC rms.You should keep the circuit disconnected before turning on the multimeter.
We know that all electronic devices cannot work in the case of overheating and humidity.Including digital multimeter, of course.Therefore, we should isolate these factors when saving or using them.When you want to clean your digital multimeter, it is recommended that you do not clean them with an abrasive or solvent.
Instead, use dry cloth if you really have to clean them.You do not use them for a long time as they need to be repaired and calibrated from time to time.If there is a problem, you should have professional maintenance personnel to repair it and don't try it yourself.
Most importantly, hope you can keep your digital multimeter in good condition and save maintenance costs while extending their service life.For more information about professional digital multimeter, please visit this article will help you to keep the digital multimeter in good condition.
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