behind the name with nzl sailing team's sam meech - the capsizing, medal-winning olympian with skills beyond his sport - best cross line laser level

by:UMeasure     2020-03-25
behind the name with nzl sailing team\'s sam meech - the capsizing, medal-winning olympian with skills beyond his sport  -  best cross line laser level
Sam Meech, one of the best Laser sailors in the world, is an Olympic bronze medalist and a member of the New Zealand sailing fleet, getting on the podium in competitions around the world.
But there are still many 28-year-olds. year-
He has surpassed his achievements in sports.
As part of a new feature, behind the name, we learned about the many talented athletes representing New Zealand in international competitions.
Today, we learned more about Olympic athletes, students and coffeemaking surfer.
We also introduced to Samuel Sanchez how he came.
Do you have a nickname?
If so, how did you know the name?
Samuel Sanchez-I had a little beard for a Mexican night with my friend and it got stuck.
How did you participate in the sailing, and what kept you involved in the sport all the time?
I grew up sailing around the world, so I have been sailing on the water all the time.
I think it makes me like the sport better than before because I like to play on the water and not just racing.
As the ship was foiled, I was excited about the way it was sailing, continuing the race and trying to be a professional sailor.
So far, what are your sports highlights? Why?
Winning a medal in Rio is the highlight of my sport.
It was years of work until the week and then the last 20-
Minutes medal race
What is the most embarrassing thing you encounter while sailing at any level?
Actually, just before the first game of the Olympics, my boat capsized and that's something I haven't done in the game for a long time.
Luckily I was not captured by the camera!
What is the biggest damage you have suffered while doing your sport?
I 've had it a few times, but the worst thing is that my knee ripped the meniscus during the voyage.
It has happened twice now, just before 2016 Olympic Games and then again in January.
Recovery time is good, 6-
8 weeks, but a lot of rehabilitation work is needed.
If you are not an athlete, what do you think you will do today and why?
I think I will be an artist because it is my main hobby in school.
What are you doing when you are not sailing or training?
I'm making coffee or trying to surf when I'm not training.
Who is your favorite athlete in any code and level, and why?
Chris Flum is just looking at the details at the moment.
What is your first job and what other jobs do you have in your life?
My first job was working outdoors. furniture-making company.
I didn't hold on for long.
My main job now is sailing coach.
You will tell you 16-year-old self? Enjoy school.
This is the best time.
What is your personal biggest achievement? Why?
Complete my business degree while sailing full time.
Where are your favorite places in the Bay? Why?
Surf at the crossroads
I miss going to the beach in the morning.
Tell us three things people may not know you: I didn't go to school at home until I was 12.
I was born in England.
I learned boating on Lake Hamilton.
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