augusta’s search for perfection - laser measuring devices for sale

by:UMeasure     2019-12-11
augusta’s search for perfection  -  laser measuring devices for sale
Augusta country is not just the beautiful flowers and green fairways we see on TV screens every year.
Just like the submerged air system buzzing in invisible places under the green plants, there are many other unseen activities going on, which just adds the aura of Augusta, the mystery of the master. googletag. {});
The little-known list of Masters is very long, just like those secret passages and countless green affiliated buildings, which are restricted areas for customers and guests, or the exact components of the list of mysterious members, they will induce you to investigate further.
Except for the lonely palm tree in Augusta (
It's short and right Green-3 fourth)
Or, in fact, all the cuckoo and other plants were watered by their hands to limit the escape, and the club paid the price --
The attention to detail is incredible.
For example, the location of all the old champion T-shirts, eliminated in the course and incorporated into the landscape --
An extended revised map was accurately drawn for future generations. googletag. {});
A few years ago, when the Wifi system in the news building was down, the whole building was difficult --
To avoid further problems, connect overnight with Ethernet.
As the captain of Augusta National, former Royal and Ancient Pierre Beckman, told me yesterday when we took the ninth step carelessly, every year we pay attention to all aspects of the tournament, from the handling of News facilities and rules to the adjustment of the golf course, the experience of parking lot or merchandise exhibition hall has been improved.
In short, every year is improving, and so is the way they build a golf course to get maximum control over the score.
Nothing seems to happen by chance, and it's fun to watch data collectors work around on classes Monday and Tuesday to better discover how players play a specific hole. googletag. {});
Behind the seventh tee in one of Augusta's toughest standard shots
In groups of four, a man with a clipboard sits on a small stool behind the player, ticked on a delicate chart.
Each player in the field is listed and each move is recorded.
Did he hit the driver, three wood, hybrid or iron?
How does he align left, middle or right, what does his alignment affect his short shape from left to right, from right to left or straight, where does the wind come from, the amount of data generated is very large, and the whole process is two-
In a tower behind the seventh green, the men's team recorded how the successful players got from the tree, they were close to the sand, their position. googletag. {});
One of them said rather mysteriously, "We're just collecting information . ".
In the landing area of the ninth downhill, another pair of unpaid volunteers held a laser measuring device mounted on a tripod to map each T-shirt that was shot down to MM.
The measurement system is now the main project of each PGA Tour, where shooting
Tracker is used to tell fans where the players are on the court and how they plan the game.
Of course, the Masters have always been at the forefront of innovation.
This is the first 72-
Four days of hole golf, the first scoreboard to give fans below/above par. googletag. {});
The underground SubAir was also invented in the Augusta country of Central America.
The club golf course and venue Senior Director, Marsh Benson 1990 s, is to connect the pump to an existing drain network below the surface of the putter.
According to Kevin Crowe of SubAir headquarters, its original purpose was to be only 15 miles from Augusta National Airport, not to take rain from the pitch, but to deliver air to the root zone to promote optimal growth.
But that's not what's buried in the green.
Two years ago, the club placed four sensors on each green to monitor temperature, soil humidity and salinity, all controlled by the iPad.
So when everything is green and flowering, under the surface, lurking on trees and disguised towers is a group of guaranteed first majors of the season with ipad, clipboard, gadgets and odd sensors to be as perfect as possible.
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