americans still don't trust self-driving cars, reuters/ipsos poll finds - laser light measurement

by:UMeasure     2019-10-13
americans still don\'t trust self-driving cars, reuters/ipsos poll finds  -  laser light measurement
(Reuters)-Half of U. S.
Adults think self-driving cars are more dangerous than traditional cars driven by people.
A new poll by Reuters/Ipsos shows that they will not buy fully autonomous cars.
In the same poll, about 63% of respondents said they would not pay more to have a self
41% said they would not pay more than $2,000.
The findings provide an overview of the challenges faced by car and truck manufacturers, courier companies, technology companies, and ride service operators such as Uber technology and Lyft.
Everyone is working hard to develop themselves.
Driving vehicles and related hardware.
Developers of the technology are making progress, but polls show that the industry is lagging behind in building public trust and business demand.
The findings are similar to those of Reuters/Ipsos 2018.
They are in line with the findings from the Pew Research Center, the American Automobile Association and other institutions.
On March 2018, after 2018 Reuters/Ipsos polls, a self-operated Uber car
In Arizona, a pedestrian was killed in a driving mode attack.
Relatively few in the United StatesS.
Residents see or ride a self
Experts say doubts about unknown technologies will be accepted once they become more familiar.
"People are happy with what they know," said investor Chris Thomas . "
Founder of fontinews Partners and Detroit mobile labs.
"When everyone understands the game --
Change the attributes of the automatic vehicle, how they give you all the reading, work or sleep time, and they start asking about the value of the recapture time.
"For companies that invest in driverless cars, the public is not trusting and unwilling to pay for themselves.
Driving System is an increasingly urgent problem.
But comprehensive self-deployment
Industry officials and experts say there are still a few years to drive a car.
The Waymo division of Alphabet Inc. has deployed a small self-help Fleet
In Arizona, trucks provide rides to customers, and other companies have their own
Drive a vehicle on the public street of the test fleet.
"At the moment, these reactions are mainly based on zero knowledge and zero experience, so this is mainly a heartfelt response to what they read, such (2018)
Uber crashed in Arizona, "said Dan Spolin, director of the University of California-Davis Transportation Institute and author of several books on future transportation.
For more than two years, self-driving car companies have been trying to gain access to the American car market. S.
Congress will enact legislation to give the green light to self-regulationdriving cars.
So far, the opposition has blocked the industrial Friendship Act.
At the same time, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has not yet taken action on the recommendation to exempt self-driving vehicles from compliance with conventional vehicle safety standards. Two-
Survey respondents said they
Driving cars should be more in line with government safety standards than traditional cars driven by humans.
"Someone needs to be held accountable," said Kara Ross, a 62-year-old survey respondent from Norfolk, Virginia.
"These cars should not even be on the road until a certain percentage of safety is guaranteed.
"Most consumers will not pay for their own survey results.
The ability to drive vehicles highlights concerns in the automotive industry about lidar sensors and high-cost technologies
On-board computers.
Lidar is similar to radar but uses lasers instead of radio waves.
"I am worried that even if our technology is absolutely right, we will not have a business," said Evangelos Simoudis, general manager of Investor Partners, Investor and company consultant . ", Invest in self-owned car technology startups. Self-
Bryant Walker Smith, a law professor and driving expert at the University of South Carolina, said some companies "don't actually want to sell people these cars"
They want to rent these services to us.
They want us to pay every month, every trip.
For many Americans, "$2,000 is a lot of money," he said . "
"If you ask people if they will pay $15,000 for premium security packages or even $10,000 for luxury decor packages, in many cases the answer is No.
"The challenge of handing over key security systems to robots is now central to how regulators should address the debate over two fatal accidents involving Boeing 737 MAX.
Investigators trying to determine the cause of the crash in Indonesia and Ethiopia are concentrating on finding evidence that the automatic flight control system on the aircraft has plunged the aircraft into a submerged state and the pilots are unable to cover the systems.
"If there is one (airplane)
Collapse of the year, causing a huge rebound
The plane is much safer than the car, "said spelin.
The Reuters/Ipsos poll surveyed 2,222 people online in English in the United States, with a confidence margin of 2%, an accurate measure.
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