aibo software - distance sensor

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aibo software  -  distance sensor
This app can easily start creating its own app for Aibo.
It will allow you to create an application for ERS-210, ERS-
220 or LM series.
Just select your Aibo at the beginning of the graphical user interface (GUI)
Application, all screens will display details related to the robot.
Actions can be described as a combination of motion files, sound files, and/or LED files that start and end with Aibo sitting, standing, or lying.
The package will allow you to create or adjust mobile, sound, and LED files and then sync them together using the main Action Composer window to give expressive actions.
When you are satisfied, you can play back these actions on the preview pane, allowing you to check the work before moving the work to Aibo.
The behavior arrangement program is established as a flow chart, and the box is linked together to describe each stage of the program.
There are many boxes to choose from, such as action boxes, branch boxes, and group boxes.
The action box allows you to select from a list of builds-
In Action, or you can mix these operations with the import and export of the custom actions you create in Action Composer.
The branch box allows you to set conditional logic so that Aibo can follow a different path in the program depending on the environment around it.
The input from the environment can come from the touch sensor of Aibo, which is the distance from the obstacle detected by the Infrared
The red distance sensor and the object it identifies using a color camera.
With this new version of Master Studio, you can even program Aibo now to respond to more than 50 pre-
Set the voice command.
Group box allows you to include programs that were previously written as sub-routines so that you don't need to rewrite the ones that are often used to make it easier for the program to read and write.
Use the wizard to create standard routines, which you can then use as is, or go to the behavior scheduler to add more details.
For the LM series, the only way to transfer the information to Aibo is to write it to the memory stick, so you need some way to write the information from P to itC.
For example, a built-in
In the memory stick slot or in the external memory stick adapter. For the 200-
When the series uses Master Studio, there are two options available: these methods are the same as the LM series, or, you can also use the wireless LAN environment to write the information directly to the memory stick, without the need to pause Aibo and transfer memory sticks back and forth (
The Aibo wireless network card is sold separately and needs to provide a wireless LAN environment for your PC).
Through e-commerce
Sports you will find that wireless transmission using information from your P. C. to your 200-
The Aibo series will allow you to test programs and actions at the same time as you create them, resulting in greater productivity. Aibo-
Life is where Aibo grows and learns according to your interaction and environment.
If you interact with Aibo a lot, it gets spoiled and it gets a little naughty if you ignore it.
Depending on how you interact and improve, the personality and ability of Aibo will change.
You will be happy to watch the babies mature and eventually become a part of your life.
When used with ERS-210 this Aibo-
Ware will provide you with the features of the Aibo robot pet.
However, when inserting ERS-
220 it will bring it the habit of robots, as you expect from this future technology.
If the body of the robot is the body of Aibo, then
Treasure's mind is ware.
Every time you play with Aibo, it learns from that session, and finally it saves everything it learns back into the memory stick, so that the next time you open it, it can continue from where you close.
Since all the information is saved on the memory stick, you can even use another app on another memory stick and simply re-insert your Aibo Life 2 memory stick
The first day you open Aibo, you will start to contact.
Because it is in the early stages of infancy, all it can do is sleep and cry.
When it knows more about the surroundings, it reacts when you tap its touch sensor and start to recognize its pink ball.
As it matures, you can teach it a name or your name and it will call it when it needs your attention.
As it grows to its childhood, it will learn to recognize more voice commands and move around: playing and hitting.
As it matures further, it will become a rebellious teenager before it finally becomes a more stable adult.
Depending on how you achieve its instinct for food, sleep, exercise, investigation and love, it will determine what kind of emotion it is, whether it be happiness, sadness, anger, fear, discontent or surprise
Aibo will use a combination of its emoticon face and tail light, tone and body language to express its emotions.
Your interaction with Aibo over time will shape its personality and make it your ideal companion.
While Aibo will definitely keep making you happy, Aibo will do little things at the most appropriate time to convince you that this little robot really knows what's going on! !
Aibo can now understand 75 English voice commands.
These commands range from old hot commands such as "Say hello" and "Karate chop" to new sound and training function commands such as "aibo melo.
After hearing the voice command "take a picture", Aibo will start the countdown, then take a digital snapshot in jpeg format, and then save it back to the memory stick.
You can then use P to view the picture. C.
With Memory stick reader.
The Aibo Life 2 memory stick can save up to 7 JPEGs.
For Aibo Life 2, these images are not required to be viewed.
Aibo is designed to be your partner, so you will want to give it a name.
Using the name register command, you will be able to teach your Aibo the name you selected and then respond when you call it.
If you ask, "What's your name ? "
"Aibo will tell you its name in its own language, called the tone language.
Just like Aibao learns his own name, Aibao can now learn his own owner's name!
Using the "owner registration" command Aibo can learn the name of its owner and call you using its own tone language when it needs some attention.
Melody you can now play the tune on your Aibo with the following
It's red distance sensor in the nose.
Give AIBO the command of "AIBO melody" and put your hand on its nose.
Aibo will measure the distance and play a melody as you get closer to it.
With some practice you may be able to play a masterpiece with your Aibo!
When your Aibo meets another person, you can tell it to "talk to your friends ".
The robot will start chatting with each other and may ask "What's your name ? "?
Or 'How? '
Tone the language with Love wave.
Two Aibos must be ERS-210 or ERS-
220 and run Aibo Life 2 or Aibo Explorer Aibo-ware.
Using the action teaching command for action registration, you can teach Aibo up to 4 of your own actions.
Tell Aibo the action number you want to register and then move the Aibo when the front leg presses any of its paw switches: it can learn up to 10 seconds of action.
In order for Aibo to repeat the action at any time, simply ask it to perform the action number in autonomous mode.
Training this allows you to assign your own voice commands to any actions of Aibo, including 4 actions that you register in the action registration.
By using a series of voice commands such as "not even off", "almost" and "show me again", Aibo will play through its actions until you find that you want to name
When you find the right action, tell Aibo "this is correct" and then tell it the new voice command.
Hello, Love Bo! Type A" ERF-
Hello everyone, Aibo!
Type A enables Aibo ERS-
210 always be positive, cheerful and positive-
Always ready to interact with anyone.
Aibo will love to show off many behaviors or actions.
Your love will still learn from you and its environment;
Develop your own unique personality.
This software is available in English, French and German.
Name identification: Remember and reply to AIBO (
Language in your own tone)
The name has been given to it.
Imitation mode: Aibo will repeat your words in its tone language.
Voice commands: Aibo can understand up to 50 voice commands.
ERS's party mascot210" ERF-
"Party mascot" is entertaining Aibo
Software you can use when you want Aibo ERS-
210 is active at large parties such as Christmas or New Year's party.
You can enjoy playing games like "stone, Paper, Scissors" with Aibo.
This software allows you to interact with Aibo.
When using Aibo to enliven a gathering of friends or colleagues, switch to the "party mascot" to enjoy the features that Aibo is not available when autonomous robots.
Aibo has four game categories to choose from and will always have a fun show.
For example, you can use Aibo as a prop at a party or have Aibo participate in the game with a few other people. Category 2 -
Athletes: Aibo can compete with other Aibo robots.
You can hold various sports events with AIBO. Category 3 -
Artist: Aibo will entertain you through various techniques of singing and dancing and performing.
You and AIBO can have one-on-
A sports match
This autonomous
Software for ERS-210 and ERS-
The 220 is designed to maximize the robot capabilities of future ERS --
220, enhance the instinct of search and exploration.
Like all autonomous Aibo.
Ware it will give your Aibo an idea of its own and let it decide how it will behave and what will be done next. This Aibo-
Ware immediately turns your Aibo into a fully fledged robot with instincts and emotions, able to respond to 75 voice commands, play with balls, explore the surrounding environment and learn from it and you.
When it becomes active, it may even cause your Aibo to get excited and move into enhanced mode. With this Aibo-
Please note that your Aibo will be immediately ready to show off to you and your friends without the need to nurture it.
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