a sports mecca (pardon the expression) - laser meter

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a sports mecca (pardon the expression)  -  laser meter
Ed zuckermanmarch 2, 2008 M, said that they were in the desert and that was not important at all.
On the micro level, the sand around them is too round.
The perfect sand pit needs Cape sand (
In this way, the golf ball does not stick to the wall of the trap, but rolls to the bottom);
Saudi Arabia next door ordered Noosa.
The truck got in the car but was driven back at the border.
Saudi Arabia wants to keep the sand for unclear reasons.
So the builders of Els Club golf course in Dubai Sports City, a huge sports complex, are now on the rise
Desert, have to meet their secondchoice sand —
It is also from Saudi Arabia, but the Saudis are willing to export.
This is the only time they choose a second choice on anything.
Khalid Abdulrahim Mohammed al-declared: "We are committed to providing the best service and working with excellence, which is confirmed in everything we do . "
Zaroni is a famous businessman in Dubai. He graduated from the University of neblas in Omaha and is the chairman of Dubai Sports City.
At 50-close to finishmillion-square-
The foot is a 25,000-seat, state-of-the-
Art Cricket Stadiuma 60,000-
Seating stadium for football and rugby;
Indoor venues for ice hockey and concerts; a field-hockey venue;
College of tennis;
And a Manchester United football school.
Over 900 villas and villas-
"One of the most luxurious and advanced communities in the world "--
The edge of the golf course is under construction and will be sold to Western expats as a resort for wealthy Middle Eastern people (
Only 100 miles from Iran).
Plans to increase housing and apartments for 65,000 people, a one-kilometer hospital specializing in sports medicine
A canal 230 long
Store mall with "one of the most sensational food courts ever.
"All of this makes Dubai Sports City a rather modest effort in the case of Dubai.
This is part of a large construction project called Dubailand, which will feature the Motor City;
Dubai Lifestyle City
Islamic culture and scientific community;
Residential developments supported by replicas of the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Most of them are still on the drawings, and finally dozens of brands have been added --
New skyscrapers along Sheikh Zayed Road
The driveway is always crowded with Mercedes.
Ben and Range Rover.
Dubai is the tallest building in the world and stands above them.
There are currently 159 stories. 1,985 feet —
It's still a secret to go up to a higher level and to the last level).
From the window of my hotel room in Dubai Media City I can see 14 new high rise
High-rise buildings and 24 other buildings under construction.
One of the most recently completed is a 53-
A copy of the Chrysler Building story.
Next to another 53-
A copy of the Chrysler Building story.
What Dubai used to be in the downtown business district is full of low still visible
Indigenous shops and crowds in India, Pakistan, Africa and the UAE are growing, wearing all kinds of imaginable robes and headwear, where, amplified appeal for prayer lets men run past hip hop clothing mall and a large chunk of auto
Before entering the mosque for prayer, the parts store takes off its shoes and rushes into the restroom marked "Muslim-purpose toilet.
According to the vision frequently cited by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al, the new Dubai was built in the empty desert outside the town of the past
Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai Makeem. (
In the sense that there are no political parties and real elections, this is the "ruler", much better than just the "decider. ”)
Sheikh Mohammed dreams of using his small country for billions of dollars to turn it into a cross between Singapore, Miami Beach and Las Vegas before the oil runs out.
The world's largest and best sporting mecca is also included.
You should forgive this expression.
A few days before I arrived in Dubai on January, the world's richest marathon took place on the Persian Gulf coast of Dubai.
This month will be the richest horse race in the world.
Next year, the world's richest golf tournament will debut as Tiger Woods wins the Dubai Desert Classic of the year (
Second time)
A few days after I left
Woods has always been a regular visitor to Dubai, and it is reported that he may get $3 million from the Desert Classic because of his appearance.
He is currently building the world's first Tiger Woods golf course in Dubai.
The advertisement "has 2 billion viewers in 4 hours.
Hour flight area. . the U. A. E.
"The location is superior and is the main hub for sporting events," the Dubai Sports City literature explains . ".
It is planned to hold the annual "flagship" event in each of the six sports of football, rugby, tennis, golf, hockey and cricket.
Dubai Sports City spending millions of dirhams ($270,000)
Import 940 tons of soil from the UK, Pakistan and Australia for practice cricket venues, so teams traveling to international competitions can rehearse on the venues they will be playing.
Dubai has made an important cricket achievement, convincing the international cricket board to abandon its headquarters at Lord cricket ground in London nearly a century later and move to Dubai Sports City.
The cause is very close to cricket.
Asian countries and large tax incentives.
No taxes in Dubai.
For those who are not tempted by imitation
Dubai Australian cricket ground offers other temptations-white-
Half a beach
More than a dozen new golf courses, self-driving grounds for Grand Prix, name-
In those hotels, the chef's restaurant, the ridiculous luxury hotel and spa, and the lively disco and bar scene (
These drinks are not subject to an Islamic ban on alcoholic beverages).
Federer has a home in Dubai, and other Western tourists and celebrities have also appeared.
On January alone, Elton John held a concert in Abu Dhabi;
Bill Gates flew to Dubai to announce a partnership with the Dubai government Academy; and George W.
Bush came here for lunch and a tour.
George Clooney and Sharon Stone appeared at the Dubai International Film Festival in December, and Shrek was on the way --
DreamWorks Animation theme park in Dubai has just been announced.
If it all sounds a little bit manufactured, that's it.
Dubai Ski Resort is an indoor ski resort in one of the city's major shopping malls.
You walk past the food court and turn right to the ticket area where you paid 150 dirhams ($40)for two hours.
Prices include equipment rental (
Skis, boots, coats and snow pants)
Disposable socks and accident insurance
Then you take the escalator to the revolving door leading. . . a ski village.
There is a rabbit slope, a snow park with pipes, a small park for children, and a 1,300-foot-high cable car.
Run with 200 feetfoot drop.
There are also people who are not used to skiing who are too cautious.
A waiter standing in the middle of the chair scolded me for not putting down my safety pole;
After a while, a senior waiter scolded me for lifting 5 feet too quickly.
But it's not a bad Hill: packed powder, no wind.
If there is anything that can be improved, it is the quality of the light, which is flat and blue and reflected from the blue walls and ceilings.
A run, a sharp drop in the midpoint, was promoted to the world's first indoor black rundiamond run.
This is a light black run, though.
Of course, this is not good enough for Dubai.
Dubailand plans to build an indoor ski dome with rotating slopes and artificial mountains. And penguins.
Still, I found that skiing without penguins in Dubai was a pleasant respite for the rest of the place to be uncoordinated.
I was in the elevator next to car 12. year-
A little boy with a snowboard asked him where he came from.
"Palestine," he said.
He took my surprise as a confusion.
"Have you heard of it? ” he asked.
Yes, I said, I heard about it.
Just this week, half of Gaza's population built a wall in Egypt to buy gasoline and soap.
"We live in Dubai but we are moving to Canada soon," said the boy.
I said I 'd better go skiing there.
He nodded his head and pointed to a jump on the slope below us to disappoint him.
"Sometimes it's just open," he said . "
"It will be open forever in Canada.
"Then our chair reached the top and he jumped on his board and took off straight down like a bullet.
People with Falcons don't ski. Or golf. Or play tennis.
He is the chief of the United Arab Emirates sports.
Who cares about 2 billion viewers?
He has his bird.
In addition to the endless construction, I have already rushed out of the city, and the signs of the past indicate that the future construction prospects are broad (
"Your villa for Spanish life! ”)
About 50 in the desert-wheel-drive S. U. V.
For al-
The Faza Falcon Hunting Championship and about 50 men are waiting for the Falcon to fly. The men (
There are a few boys, no women)
All UAE people.
In fact, this is the first time I have attended a local-based group since I arrived in Dubai.
Emirates accounts for less than 20% of Dubai.
4 million residents.
The rest are foreign workers, from the middle
Manage British, American and Australian people who operate Dubai Sports City to thousands of Indians and Pakistanis who work at construction sites and at the end of long working days, who are directly used for compounds in the desert.
There is a comfort to the outnumbered Emirati
This place is theirs.
However, this particular Emirate group does not have all the Falcons on their weapons.
Many are falcon tenders for the services of the ruling family, and their members take the Falcon very seriously (
President George w. Bush
Bush was photographed carrying the royal falcon during his visit)
Who has a considerable proportion of birds in the competition.
One of them is Barraqy, a brown and white gyr-
The man sitting on the beach next to the Land Rover has an evil glare on his wrist.
He gave me a snack of sweet dates and Arabic coffee and showed me Barraqy's passport (yes, passport;
Did I mention taking the Falcon seriously here? ).
The document identified the owner of the bird as "H. H. Shk. Mohammad R. al-Maktoum.
Barraqy is worth 150,000 dirhams ($40,000)
The man said, but when I asked the ruler how many Falcons he had, he carefully avoided answering. So did Dr.
Mariam Hampel, the German vet who participated in the competition, told me that she worked at Sheikh Mohammed's private Falcon Hospital, where she saw 30 to 40 birds a day.
"They are very sensitive to fungal diseases and parasite diseases," she said.
They broke their bones. I have to pin —”“Dottora! ”Dr.
Hampshire was interrupted by a man wearing white cutlery, standing by a makeshift fabric fence.
A falcon has just been taken to the back of the fence to start flying (
A fence that protects it from visual interference)And it's Dr.
Hanpur's job of scanning birds by hand-
A device that can read microchips implanted in the chest and confirm their identity.
She did so and the Falcon was released.
About 400 yards away, a trainer is waving a feather-like bait, a rough imitation of a bird flight that a Falcon would normally hunt.
The Falcon found it and flew straight low to hit the bait and was rewarded with a large chunk of raw meat.
The Bird's time was captured by a laser meter and the results were posted on a computer monitor near the starting line, where people gathered to watch.
They chew the date and chat on their mobile phone.
When the newcomers arrive, friends greet their friends in the traditional UAE way and touch each other's nose. Is that Martina?
I read it again, yes.
Martina Navratilova sat in the front row of the Dubai Sports City press conference next to a football player, a rugby player and a cricketer, I am all American and I have never heard of it, but who is clearly the man in the world? famous.
They all came to support their good friend Ernie Ayers (
Currently ranked fourth-
The best golfers in the world and the people I 've heard)
When he presided over the grand opening of The Els Club golf course, he designed the course, the first sports facility built by Dubai Sports City.
Els, wearing navy casual pants and a light blue golf shirt, sits on the podium between two Emirati.
He said he was happy to be here.
"I 've been coming to Dubai since 1993 and I 've always wanted to build something in Dubai and luckily for our company we have a relationship with Khalid "--
He nodded to Al.
President of Dubai Sports City-
"Here we are.
He acknowledged that there was no challenge in setting up the course.
"The sand will move all the time. I mean . . .
You try to put a bunker in place, there is a little breeze overnight and the bunker has moved.
So we have to work fast.
If we work on a particular hole, we have to work hard to get the work we started.
"In addition, when he came to visit in the summer, the temperature was 117 degrees.
He spent half an hour outside.
Enjoy a buffet lunch at the international golf press on the terrace of the temporary clubhouse, where the weather is cool and pleasant.
This is the winter in the desert. The temperature is about 70 degrees and it rains occasionally.
Course looks great
Strong green on the Brown Beach.
The course is pock in order to keep it green-
Marked with 2,256 nozzles, 2 million gallons of water can be delivered every 12 hours.
AdvertisementMartina navettinova-
An official at Dubai Sports City told me that he might be attending a new tennis academy here --
Some fluctuations are being made within the scope of practice.
She was soon joined by other sports guests (
For the record: football goalkeeper Peter schmetcher, Cricketer Andrew flitov and South African rugby star John Smit).
Greg Lecce, one of Els's designers, stood nearby and looked quietly and satisfactorily at the outline of the course.
"Basically, you make 18 holes on an almost flat surface," he said . ".
"Sometimes you will love a lonely oak or Creek and give you some inspiration.
He doesn't have these in Dubai Sports City.
"This is a blank palette.
I remember walking around the construction site with camels everywhere.
After lunch, the media and politicians came to the first stage.
Some imported workers working on the field
The side Villa put down their tools and lined up to watch the little parade, which culminates on Els's way to the opening ceremony of the ceremony.
Els is a big man with deliberate movements.
When he puts the ball on the tee and handles the ball as calmly and steadily as the world does, the camera clicks
He is a class athlete.
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Kind of like Saeed Amri.
When I met Amri, a short fat man in white dishdasha and gutra, who was in his athletic position --
The shotgun seat of a white Toyota Land Cruiser is on the track, a sign called the new camel racing City.
In fact, there are three parallel tracks in the new Camel City --
New facilities in the suburbs of town.
There is one racing camel and the owner's car has one on each side.
Amri's camel took part in the upcoming race and Amri was ready to ride a camel with her.
Like the Falcons, the camel race is a local sport that is favored by the UAE elite.
Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan
Former President Nahyan of the United States)A. E.
Buildings of the same name in Dubai skyscrapers
Bin Laden is reported to have a large number of camels on his highway, and Dubai's current ruler, Sheikh Mohammed, has thousands of camels.
Despite the enthusiasm from the top, at least on the day I visited, the camel race seemed to be an-Audience movement
As Amri's game approached, I took a look at the brand --new grandstand.
It was empty, except that it remained in this state during the race, when the barefoot worker who led the camel to the starting line ran up and sat in his seat to watch the animals in a closed state
Circuit TV.
When the camels reached the finish line, the workers rushed out of the stands, grabbed them and led them away.
Since there is no human jockey, this human intervention at the beginning and end is necessary.
On the back of each camel is a radio.
Controlled gadget with swivel arm: imagine a toaster with a whip.
Fool the camel into thinking there is a man on board (
Or just for fun;
I can never be sure which one)
The machine is dressed in a jockey's costume and a beautiful little hat.
These robots have practical benefits of light weight.
They no longer need to use child slaves as a reward. (
A few years ago, it was reported that children in India, Sudan and elsewhere, sometimes from poor parents, bought camel jockey services, and the scandal broke out. In 2005, the U. A. E.
To combat this practice and to establish $2 in cooperation with UNICEF.
7 million fund for rehabilitation and repatriation of children. )
Amri's camel is called Mosieh, and her robot jockey is wearing a cheerful yellow jersey.
She and 14 other camels were taken to the starting line of five camels in a mess. mile track.
A signal rang, a grid door was lifted up, and the camels got off the bus.
So is the owner. Fifteen S. U. V.
I started racing along the track parallel to the camel race.
Amri is driven by his younger brother Mohammed, who is dressed in black dishdasha and red-
Gutra is wearing a pair of sunglasses at its fold.
While Mosieh was traveling along the railway, Muhammad kept up with the pace across the street.
Advertising in the first half
Kilometers, Mosieh broke into the door.
The same is true of Muhammad, though this requires a tricky strategy to get a massive GMC.
Amri looked at his camel calmly, holding the remote control to start the whip and Walkie Talkie
Will broadcast the conversation of his voice to the speaker on the back of the camel.
He neither uses it, nor even when Mosieh starts to lag behind: from first to second, to third, to fourth, and finally, to seventh.
Amri still didn't touch the whip.
He just looked back and saw what was going to happen.
Another camel.
Mosieh is now in eighth place.
But Amri's knuckles were only cracked, and his left hand stroked his face and waited. . . waiting. . . .
Mosieh also looks calm.
The other camels had foam in their mouths, and the foam flew up while running.
But Mossy did not have foamless, her lower lip floated in the wind, and she moved steadily forward.
Then she went up.
From eighth to seventh.
Mosieh is still on the rails and Mohammed wants to be next to her, but a Pathfinder moved in on his left and a Nissan Patrol was right in front of him with no space.
In any case, Muhammad is holding back.
A few inches on the left. . .
A few inches in front. . .
Collision seems imminent.
He returned to the track.
Now, a mile from home, Amri is finally excited.
He put the walkie-talkie
He said, "Oh!
Mohammed opened the window, reached out his hand and began to knock on the door. “Hai! ” Amri said. “Hai! Hai!
He suddenly screamed at the microphone.
Scream again.
Mosieh moved from seventh to sixth.
It was not until then that Amri activated the whip as the finish line approached them.
He pressed a button on the gadget in his hand and the robot pulled the camel. And stopped.
Then Amri did it again.
Sound can be heard.
Muhammad hit the door.
Mosieh rose to fifth and then fourth.
She runs at 20 miles an hour. “Chuh! ” Amri shouted. “Chuh . . . chuh . . . chutch . . . chutch . . . chutch!
"It's over, Mosieh's over. . . third.
Value 8,000 dirhams ($2,200)
Qualify her for promotion in class.
"It's good," said Amri . " He smiled.
Dubai athletes, modest in victory.
The first ad on the tee, Ernie Ayers, didn't like to practice the swing.
He bowed his head, did his last breath, then rotated and raised his club.
The descent was fast and strong, the ball flew up, slightly left and headed towards a fairway bunker, but stopped very short, perfectly aligned with the two Chrysler buildings in the distance.
Els moved down the fairway and his gallery followed him.
I found myself walking next to Khalid al.
Zaroni is one of the few Emirates outside the press conference after Els.
I asked him how he did it.
How did he get these outstanding athletes to participate in Dubai Sports City? Al-
Zaroni reply in perfect USA
With a pleasant smile, English with an accent: "If you put the sugar well, the ants will come.
Ed zukman is a writer, journalist and television writer.
He reported long.
From the swimming player Martin strler in the June 2007 match.
A version of this article is published on page MM52 of Sunday magazine, titled: sports Holy Land (
Forgive this expression).
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