$19 million provincial growth fund money allocated for light and laser measurement system - laser measurement system

by:UMeasure     2019-09-26
$19 million provincial growth fund money allocated for light and laser measurement system  -  laser measurement system
One of the government's largest single provincial growth funds (PGF)
So far, $19 million has been invested in the expansion of 3D mapping technology. The co-
Funding is provided to increase the national coverage of lidar data-a light and laser measurement system that measures the Earth's surface and creates a highly accurate 3D map of the land.
Funds will be distributed across parliament and distributed on the basis of applications.
Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones said the funds were provided to councils facing cost pressures that would be involved in the government's plans to collect this data and provide it nationwide.
"Lidar makes planning and investment in forestry planting business smarter, agricultural production more efficient, and infrastructure construction more efficient," Jones said . ".
The data are "essential" for better mapping flood risk maps, understanding the impacts of climate change and improving environmental management, he said ".
Land Information Minister Eugenie Sage said Lidar is a "valuable resource" that will help the council better understand the impact of natural disasters such as floods and sea level rise.
Deputy local government of New Zealand
President Stuart Crosby said the expansion of lidar will also enable Parliament to plan and develop housing, roads and water infrastructure more effectively.
The price of $19 million has made it one of the most expensive single PGF projects to date.
Of the more than 85 PGF announcements issued since February, only a handful of individual projects exceeded government spending on lidar.
Projects of similar size include $13 million for the Taranaki Mountain track upgrade and $10 million for the Hundertwasser arts center.
Other projects, such as $27.
The redevelopment plan for the lakeside and Whakarewarewa forests in Rotorua was announced at £ 4 million, some of the smaller funding schemes.
But the lidar funds are not close to the PGF's two largest funding announcements to date-$0. 137 Billion from Gisborne for rolling upgrades, and $ One Billion allocated to the government's 0. 24 Billion Tree Project.
Council will need to apply together
Get funding from PGF to get lidar.
Land Information Center of New Zealand (LINZ)
Will assist the provincial development unit through cooperation
Provide coordination and technical support to all programmes to ensure national coherence and data openness. What is LiDAR? LiDAR (
Light Detection and Ranging)
Data or height data are accurate laser measurements of the Earth's surface for creating highly accurate 3D maps of the land.
These data are used to better manage natural disasters such as floods, erosion and landslides and provide land information to farms.
It is also widely used by the private sector for development, engineering, construction and design applications.
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