10 visibility measuring devices installed at delhi airport | delhi news - times of india - measuring devices

by:UMeasure     2019-09-17
10 visibility measuring devices installed at delhi airport | delhi news - times of india  -  measuring devices
New Delhi: 10 local visibility measuring devices have been installed at Delhi airport'Drishti' -
Secure landing and takeoff on three runways
Get off the plane in case of poor visibility.
By galluru-based CSIR-
National Aerospace Laboratory (CSIR-NAL)
, "Drishti" will be used to report the visual range of the runway, a key parameter for safe landing and takeoff
Poor visibility (
25 to 2,000 m).
"As part of the first project, The Drishti transmission instrument was recently installed at this airport
20 such systems are installed in stages at 10 airports across the country.
Cat iii B IGI (
Gandhi International)
New Delhi airport is now the first airport in the country to run 10 local systems on all three runways, "a Ministry of Science and Technology statement said. Earlier, CSIR-
Weather Bureau of India (IMD)
A cooperation agreement was signed to jointly carry out a large project in the country's airports to install nearly 70 Drishti systems.
Drishti field system is fully designed and manufactured in CSIR-NAL.
IMD set up "landline" and "wi-
In the air traffic control room and close to the radar room, fi'communication and multiple monitors.
Now, the data for all of the Drishti systems at IGI airport can be viewed on one of the ATC screens, which will help MET officials easily report visibility data to pilots.
The system is "costly --
Effective "and is a mandatory system required by the International Civil Aviation Organization at all airports (ICAO)
World Meteorological Organization (WMO).
Another advantage of this native system is CSIR-
NAL can monitor the health of the system through Bengaluru's own web support.
"This greatly reduces maintenance costs, and in the case of imported systems, maintenance costs are too high," the statement added . ".
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