10 paid iphone apps you can download for free on october 19th - laser measuring tape price

by:UMeasure     2019-09-28
10 paid iphone apps you can download for free on october 19th  -  laser measuring tape price
We will end this week with a final review of all the best paid iPhone and iPad apps available for free for a limited period of time.
We 've dug hundreds of apps today and found out 10 of the best, and you'll find a lot of great apps and games in today's list.
Nevertheless, these sales may end at any time, so grab them as much as you can.
Don't miss: 50-
Built-in 4K TV
In Fire TV, the price everyone likes has dropped to $349.
99 This article covers the paid iPhone and iPad apps that their developers offer free of charge for a limited period of time.
BGR is not part of any application developer.
There is no way to know how long they will be free.
These sales may start an hour from now or end a week from now on
Obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they are free when writing this article.
If you click on a link and see the price listed next to an app instead of the word "get", it is no longer free.
The sale is over.
In any case, Apple will charge you if you download the app.
Some apps may have extraapp purchases.
Subscribe to our RSS feeds and will be notified once these posts are posted and you will avoid missing the sales we are reporting.
Average heart rate is $3. 99.
Turn your iPhone into a real heart rate monitor with the heart rate PRO app!
Your heart rate is the best way to determine your physical or mental condition.
Heart rate PRO will show you how fast your heart is beating at any time, no matter where you are.
No additional equipment is required, no chest strap is required.
Only you and your iPhone or iPad.
Measure your heart rate:-at rest-before activity-during exercise-after training-how does it work?
Easier than you think! 1.
Gently place your finger against the back camera lens and flashlight:-Do not press hard, do not use cold fingers (
These can have a negative impact on your results)
-When using a device without a flashlight, be sure to use it in the welllit area (Bright daylight)2.
Keep calm and try not to move too much during measurement.
Your heart rate results will come soon!
Download the heart rate PRO app today, check your heart rate regularly and stay healthy! —
Note: The device equipped with flash lights works best.
When using a device without a flash, the app must be used under good lighting.
Put your fingertips on the camera (
Make sure it completely covers the camera lens and Flash).
Gently press to ensure that your fingers are not cold (
These may reduce the blood flow of your fingers and affect the results).
Warning: this is not a medical product.
This app is for entertainment only.
It's usually $1. 99.
"The clever design of Antitype shines brightly, providing a tricky word puzzle in a minimalist package "-
PocketGamer "a word game that stands out in a crowded market "-
AppAdvice "double
A cunning combination! ” —
"Simple but beautiful . . . . . . Absorb . . . . . . Addiction. ” —
MacStories "compact style and elegant jigsaw puzzle "-
GamezeboAntitype is a game about opposition.
With a clue and your knowledge of the alphabet, you change the opposite letters to decipher each pair of opposite words.
-400 levels from simple to extremely difficult-plan your actions wisely-each level can be resolved!
-Tips give you the ability to take the lead at challenging levels-each level has a unique shuffle, so each attempt has its own solution-on all iOS devices
Clean, colorful aesthetics-minimalist style, but full of complexity-fast game-play a camera emoji of $0 for a minute, an hour or more. 99.
Emoji cameras can easily and interestingly turn your favorite moments into cool-
Emoji cameras offer unique emojis and filters to inspire your imagination, especially those who like to stand out from the crowd.
You can add all your favorite emojis to your photos to bring them to life.
Whether it's the cut little monkey, the little pig, or the pile of poo, you can make your photos more popular with some fun emoticons. Its Easy--
Just take a photo or choose from your library, select hundreds of emojis on the form and put a sticker on the photo. -
Save your favorite filters to favorites for easier and faster access. -
You can rotate and scale as much as you want and place the emoji wherever you want. -
Edit your existing photos using filters, vignettes, exposures, brightness, contrast, rotation, mirroring, and adjusting filter strength. -
Highlight your photos with crpping patterns and frames. -
It supports sharing filtered images to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Dropbox.
Be loyal to yourself.
Get the emoji camera to support you in choosing your lifestyle.
You won't believe how great it is until you use this camera app!
Try it for fun!
DownloadEmoji CameraBlock vs BlockNormally $ month. 99.
We have modified the world's most attractive puzzle game on PC/NES/FC/PS.
There is no need to explain how to play.
IOS "Block vs Block" allows you to work with a computer or a human (iPad only).
-16 different shapes-4 different special items-very attractive graphics in VS mode, very easy to control, very powerful computer player.
What are you waiting?
Download and enjoy it now!
DownloadBlock vs BlockU4EaNormally $ month. 99.
The benefits of mindfulness span the history of the world.
Starting from the ancient roots of the musical tone, it realizes the peace and connection of mind, body and spirit, and is now updated in the age of smartphone technology. Welcome to U4Ea!
We amginE Ink are happy to provide you with the next evolution of the two-ear beat-mindfulness around the world has been merged into an app!
Just as the benefits of mindfulness can bring psychological, emotional and physical health benefits, the U4Ea offers as much experience as the destination.
For the explorer of mindfulness,
U4Ea provides tasks for medalists, brain boosters, and anyone who wants to feel better, complementing your daily life.
AmginE Ink connects the musical tones with the benefits of the chakra energy point in the body, transitioning less than ideal feelings and feelings to the preferred mental or emotional state.
With U4Ea, app users can control how they want to feel and how they choose to interact with the world around them.
How does U4Ea work?
The U4Ea uses the technique of passively focusing the audio tone, or the technique of performing notes through a Biner beat.
The two-ear beat can help you reach the desired state of consciousness while sleeping, relaxing, meditating, experiencing happiness and gaining motivation.
In minutes or even seconds, your neural pathways interact with the hum you hear and lay the foundation for improved learning, work, stress response, improved meditation, and even more peaceful sleep
Whether your subtle buzz seamlessly blends behind your favorite music and video, or plays it alone, it works at any volume of your choice to make you feel comfortable.
To get started, you just have to answer three questions:-what do I want to feel like?
-What personal attributes do I want to upgrade?
What am I preparing?
Each question gives you a list of options from which you can choose based on color, tone, pulse wheel and attributes.
Our algorithms work behind the scenes to fuse frequency results.
All in all, there are more than 350 combinations that can help you get to where you want to be. Don’t worry.
If you have just started and your mindfulness journey seems too heavy, we will share the popular "frequency ", for example, "Heal sleep", "Goodbye hangover", "exercise Mojo" on social media ".
But don't listen to the frequency of meditation, relaxation or sleep when you drive or operate heavy machinery! !
Remember that U4Ea encourages you to always follow the health and medical advice of your doctor and treatment team! !
U4Ea is best suited as a compliment to your activities and daily life.
Please discuss any issues with us or health professionals.
Once you select and press play, your Hum will start in seconds.
Enjoy a visual display!
The color has the same effect as the tone you choose.
Under the menu icon, you will see the option to play, pause, stop and share U4Ea love on Facebook, Twitter and wherever you want to post the link; -)
You will also describe in detail how the tone of your choice is magic for you!
Let us know how you like the app, whether it's after completing the session on U4Ea, making comments in the App Store, or wherever you contact us on social media
We have more to bring to you, so let's know what will make U4Ea better for you.
It's usually $3. 99.
AR is an innovative utility that uses augmented reality technology (AR)
Redefine the way things are measured.
Tape measure AR is the fastest and smartest way to measure the size of a physical object or any distance!
Features:-capture any point with just two taps-to-
Point measurement-displayed in metric or imperial units-save and store measurement results in appThe app, the perfect solution for interior designers, architects, contractors, real estate agents and anyone who needs a quick measurement.
Important note measuring tape AR uses the new iOS11 ARKit framework, so it can only work on ARKit compatible devices.
ARSkywall Pro-HD wallpapers usually cost $2. 99.
The only wallpaper app you need.
Say hello to SkyWall.
Explore and screen hundreds of original wallpapers handmade by Skywall team.
Enjoy the exclusive walls designed for your device.
These backgrounds are not found in any other application.
Upload any number of photos you can upload and store them securely in the cloud so that you can come back every day for new treatment.
This is where we show the newly created SkyWall or just our favorite place.
If you would like to find your own original work in the spotlight, please contact us.
Amazing UI fell in love with an app that designed materials.
For some daily eye sugar, keep opening the Sky wall.
We will continue to design new skywalls for you.
This means that new quality content is available daily within the app.
Pronskywall Pro-HD wallpaper glasses are usually priced at $3. 99.
Pocket glasses is a pocket magnifying glass app that helps users see small things without glasses.
Pocket glasses app solves all of these problems once and for all!
Easily change tiny fuzzy text to clear and readable text with built-in zoom and flashlightin features.
Perfect for old flower eyes!
The app comes with 4 modes: 1.
Basic:-zoom with slider-
Button 1: Screen capture/freeze for better current view read-button 2: simple picture capture-button 3: Built-in-
In the flashlight, it is very easy to read in the dark!
-You must grant the camera and microphone permissions for this app to work 2.
Text sharpening: There are three different text sharpening modes, try and find the one that suits your needs.
Vision Correction: use it to adjust the app to fit your eye defects.
Magnifying glass/zoom mode: Use one of two predefined zoom modes x2 x3, or use the slider to enjoy an enlarged visual effect up to x16. Use pocket glasses:-read the drug information and instructions in small font;
-View better more details in small objects-read built-in in the dark-
In the flashlight function, the promotional price for zooming in and capturing small images to download glasses is $1. 99.
From popular apps.
Endless bike driving games.
It's not the same every time, and it's easy to play.
Tilt your device to tilt the bike.
Touch the screen accelerated.
Touch the left screen brake.
Touch the left and right screen to jump.
Features:-interesting, challenging, random and endless tracks.
-Awesome physics.
-Simple control.
-Earn more coins in the garage.
-Universal HD app optimized for Retina resolution.
Tip:-collect more coins to buy premium motorcycles, shields and VIP cards.
-Advanced shields can protect you when colliding with the ground.
-More time on VIP card
-Take coins in the garage.
DownloadMoto hero space student star figurine normally $ month. 99.
A young space student must fight the entire Imperial army with his Starfighter, a trusted space mechanical robot, and his hokey religion gave him a little help called the force . . . . . . Everything is because he doesn't want to fix his uncle's evaporator!
Help the young pilot rig his star fighter in the war between stars!
There is a galactic battle in the universe, justice and evil, and a hero is needed to bring order to the chaos.
Choose your Starfighter, destroy as many bad guys as you can, accumulate high scores, and compete on the galaxy-wide leaderboard.
Use your force to destroy the weapons around you and the space robot units you trust. Space Cadets-
Star Fighter is a retro top-down shooter with modern 3D graphics.
Call all the fan boys and girls to drive the mini Starfighter like you 've always wanted . . . . . . You have control!
Move your ship to where you want to go and dodge enemies when they fire lasers, bombs and missiles your way.
Never a dull moment!
Choose from 5 of your favorite ships in the Galaxy (
More coming soon). 7 Power-
Ups level 7, Level 7, level 9-
Get the Jedi rankings, use the force, unstoppable! ! !
Use your power to destroy and move objects from your path.
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