10 important things to take away from the call of duty: ww2 beta - long distance laser level

by:UMeasure     2020-03-27
10 important things to take away from the call of duty: ww2 beta  -  long distance laser level
No. 1 -
The game mode unique to World War II that we are talking about is a mode that we have never seen in the call to Duty series since World War 08 was released.
The reason is that the games created by Call called World War II are considered to be the largest range of games they are trying to cover.
World War II is a group of battles that often take to the streets, because companies fighting for the United States will face a power struggle to retake towns, villages or cities.
During World War II, the best way to imagine the uncontrollable odds of urban street battles of this degree is to show the process of entering the city with cruel power, and then by further entering the city, in order to control the command posts and spires of the whole city.
The "War" game mode in Call: World War II is a spectacular sight of all these victory efforts, which will be the struggle of the two armies in maintaining/controlling the whole city area.
The "War" game mode described in the WW2 BETA version of "Call of Duty 2017" has exceeded the limit of multiplayer games, because both teams are under tremendous pressure to complete the target record time in order to achieve each goal in these broader maps.
Many Duty summoning fans who were active in the game world in 2008 will remember the "War" game mode in World War, and a Treyarch Developed World War II for the Call summoning franchise.
Some people think that this game mode is the greatest mode produced by any Call title.
Although, starting from 2008 until COD: WW2 (November, 2017)
It's easy to forget.
That's why this is one of the most important things in the World War ii beta because it not only brought back one of the greatest and most iconic war times of Call, it also brings back a broader game model that the franchise has dared to create.
The "War" game mode brings chaos in the form of the masses, as both team players want to push the odds by eliminating enemies inside and around the target.
That's why this should eventually be one of the more playable game modes of COD: WW2, but it could also be one of the most iconic game modes in the FPS series. No. 2 -
The power of weapons in Call: the power of World War II was too great, because SMG tore the enemy apart, as if they were intimidating Crows standing high in the corn field.
Yes, they look scary, but since these scary crows are all over the map, they can easily be targeted for some quick kills.
Assault rifles did not exceed expectations in World War II, as their power could certainly handle longer distances.
These are perhaps more standardized power weapons in Call: World War II.
Make them more useful weapons in any map, any game mode, as they are viable in close range, mid range, and long range gunfights.
The SMG weapon's power on the remote enemy has dropped even more, but the assault rifle seems to be just as good when facing the remote target.
Sniper rifle in World War II is a laser beam because it is not too difficult to get feed in the right part of the map because there is more distance between you and the enemy.
Usually, there will be some parts on the map and the enemy lacks a proper understanding of the spawn position, so it is not too difficult to pick the enemy from the back.
In addition, the WW2 game is fast range friendly, which makes it not difficult to quickly target the killing within the line of sight.
Call: World War II absolutely strives to make sniper rifles as easy to use as any gun.
WW2 is a sniper friendly game in general, and it should stay that way during the full game release in November 2017.
However, the biggest surprise behind World War II multiplayer games is the shotgun, as they exceed the enemy from all angles and ranges.
Because one of the shotguns has a sniper-
Like range, there will certainly be such overwhelming negative and positive feedback for Sledgehammer Games, and as people get together to hate/show their love for shotgun accessories, these feedback will be
The pistols are powerful and can be said to be secondary weapons, since the M1911 is the beast of a one-handle gun, because given the accuracy of the shooting, it is easy for the gun to knock them down when the enemy is running in the corner. No. 3 -
Guns are balanced. Guns in Call: World War II is a more balanced part of Call in the past and now, because each partition has the same power, and is set to another player who plays different partitions.
Many people think that the shotgun game experience in Call: WW2 is the most enjoyable game we have played with the gun series since Call: mw2.
Hopefully this will keep a positive impact on the increase in the game and the increase in power, as it seems to me that the shotgun will always exist in the battle of World War II.
The more people who use and enjoy the shotgun, the better, and as for my game style in WW2 Sledgehammer Games, I'm much better in a shootout with shotgun users than any other department.
Even the pistols in this game are balanced because they are very powerful, and it can be said that they are only pulled out in the desperate situation where the main weapons and ammunition are empty or pulled faster, in some cases, more important weapons than new bombs. No. 4 -
Maps encourage rushing, and even though there are a lot of players in the game who call players by Duty who despise campers, more players despise the spawn traps in the multi-player game.
To be honest, Call: World War II may be the first Duty Call to also prevent camping in a period of time, just like to prevent spawn traps.
This is because most maps are intertwined in shades of different paths, broken buildings, trenches, hills, etc.
Let the player enter a mentality of rushing the enemy player instead of camping back to kill.
For those who refuse the rules of running and shooting, camping in World War II is still possible, but these people are more likely to be killed by grenades or Molotov, because these are clear in small rooms or gaps where enemy players may camp.
Nothing is more frustrating than being killed by a player camping in the corner of the room again and again, which is why it is so popular to see Molotov's low kill streak, which is to kill campers.
Players can do gun battles more easily. In general, if players are hiding and waiting to kill all the people, it is almost impossible to create some of the most competitive game games.
Call to Duty: fans of World War II, if you are trying to bring down enemy players because they are camping in the room and lying in the middle of certain paths, then before entering these positions, sending grenades in these locations is a map used to protecting with guns and your wisdom.
Why is spawn trapping the past of Call: World War II?
It depends on the fact that there is too much cover between you and the enemy, which allows the enemy to quickly knock down and work together to lock a spawn.
When this happens, be aware to circle around the map so that you can avoid any locking position in the middle of the map, where enemy players may look for spawn traps.
Simply don't give them the opportunity to do this by taking advantage of the coverage around the map. No. 5 -The Hit-
Mark and timeto-
Kill may be a problem as there is a lot of stuff available to pre-in the response to PS4's exclusive release of the first weekend beta-
Booking for WW2 games.
But, it also shows the fans many problems that need to be solved in order to solve the many problems found in the game.
One of the first and most eye-catching issues in WW2 BETA is hit
When an automatic SMG is fired at an enemy player, the Mark detection seems almost invisible.
This makes killing a lot more troublesome than needed, resulting in spraying bullets on the wall next to the enemy, as it doesn't seem simple enough to accurately secure gun shots.
Unless the sledgehammer game wants to shoot in the game almost always accurate players sell WWII games to professional players, they need to improve their hits
Mark detection.
This should do more in line with the hit.
The Mark detection of modern warfare has been done well enough.
This will be a more appropriate response to this issue that needs to be re-accessed.
Suffered a serious blow.
Tag detection on the game affects time-to-
Far less than the time to kill.
Many players will think that timeto-
Killing time should not be confusing from the current position as it helps to prevent being killed by the enemy.
The argument is two-way for this issue, but the biggest problem for players is time --to-
Kill instead of the time it takes to die in a shootout. No. 6 -
The world of war seems to be over long ago, because we don't see the return of the drivable tanks that don't know the fact, in the 08-year Call release, they launched World War, one of the greatest multiplayer modes in COD history.
One of the more prominent reasons is all the new content and massive wars they have introduced in the online features of the game.
One of the new things that will never return in World War is the driving tanks on a larger map.
This is a brand new feature for multiplayer games that we can no longer see in the COD series.
The drivable tank can maneuver around the map and can fire artillery at the difficulty around the map where the enemy is hiding.
No one specifically said that they wanted to return the impassable tanks, and no one seemed to call as a Duty: World War II would not bring back the impassable tanks.
Although this is a perfect feature for the "War" game mode, it doesn't seem to happen.
Nevertheless, our hope that the last launch provides the possibility is still high. No. 7 -The Create-a-
Careers and benefits have been replaced by departments. Department is a new feature in Call: WW2, which replaces create-a-
The class and welfare features we saw in the previous Call online title were very prominent.
These departments have been redefined to accommodate the era of World War II, where there will be different types of soldiers carrying different kinds of weapons, equipment and equipment.
This is a unique feature of COD: WW2 that can be re-imagined to createa-
Reward different players for using class functions in different classes/departments.
Whether you want to use SMG, assault rifle, sniper rifle or shotgun, you can still do that, but you have to use the division Groupup.
An example is the Air Department, which enables players to unlock new attachments using the SMG class that must be used in the game.
Ranking up in the partition gives players access to new attachments and guns that they can take part in the battle. No. 8 -
Sound and sound effects are the best choice for COD to capture explosions, gun fires and teammate talk sounds in war --
The area will never be easy.
The sledgehammer game makes the sounds that happen around the player simple in an immersive way, keeping things realistic about the era of World War II.
The advantages of this on this list are multifaceted, because the gun fire sounds very good, each gun has a different change, and each gun has a unique shot.
Main advantages of In-Sound
The game experience is that you can now be exactly when the enemy is at a certain point on the map, a team-
Mate was injured or killed in battle.
This is a reward for players to listen to in-match sounds.
In this way, you will never miss an enemy who sneaks into enemy territory, where your teammates are advancing the area of the map.
Many people test the word voice on the Internet, comparing the gun sound in Call: World War II with the gun sound in Call: World War II, some say World War II is better, while others say World War II is better.
Anyway, the second world war sounds wonderful. It depicts a real World War II --
Bring players to different locations across Europe where Nazis create trouble.
Hope the sledgehammer game will not change too much with in-
The game sounds as perfect as it is now.
Call: all questions in World War II
Game sounds are not one of them. No. 9 -
Explosives are the "explosive" Call of Duty: World War II did a good job of including the right level of explosives, which gave the game a sense of corse.
The explosives on the character include tactical explosives (
Grenade or sticky bomb)and a special (smoke)
Hit a grenade in the action.
To be honest, after playing the World War II Online test, you soon know that the grenades in this game are deadly, because they are easily comparable to the grenades in modern warfare, because they really destroy anyone who is in their way.
The map is full of explosives, so be careful when entering the battlefield, as the enemy will soon alert by throwing grenades on the battlefield.
That's why it could be a good call to add grenades to your arsenal in this call of duty.
Call: World War II additions to the world of explosives include C4 walls attached to different walls around the map, a game mode unique to COD: WW2.
To detonate these bombs, all the player has to do is hold a different button next to C4 and it will explode soon.
In addition, in the journey of various targets in COD: ww2's "War" game mode, there is a bomb that must be detonated half of the attack target.
The explosives in Call: World War II are not over, because there is a better way to take down a large number of enemies than the explosives stuck on the character jacket.
Also confirmed a rocket launcher that is perfect for shooting down a drone --easily done.
In addition, they are also very convenient to eliminate enemies camping in buildings, and even can use installed machine guns. Job done! No. 10 -
Grab friends before taking the war to the front line: WW2 is a very beneficial gaming experience enhanced by friends who play with friends as many of their game modes drive the goal of the game, party/game by having friends join
This has become more prominent in the "War" game mode, because when the offensive team is unable to win every target, the target stops unconsciously, which allows them to push to the next position.
This requires at least a good offensive team to say that without this, they won't have much room for maneuver in game missions.
Like all the games in the Call series, it plays well online with friends or no friends.
But, have to say, when sharing the experience with your best playmates, the game is playing more smoothly.
This is a similar view that can be put forward for all Call calling game multiplayer experiences because they all feel better when they play with friends.
So if you like to play the game on your own, don't feel unpopular, because it has a lot of fun and can play it on your own in multiplayer, like all the COD games before.
Either way, it's just a point. Thanks!
Any thoughts or questions about Call: WW2, or any other questions, will appear in the comments section below.
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